Janelle Marie Pierzina

Janelle Pierzina

Janelle Marie Pierzina (born January 10, 1980) was a contestant on the Sixth and All-Star seasons of the American version of the CBS reality show Big Brother.

Pierzina resides in Miami Beach, Florida, and is originally from Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

Early career

Pierzina was born in Grand Rapids, Minnesota to parents Kevin Pierzina and Ann Pierzina-Killian. Pierzina graduated from Grand Rapids High School in 1998, and attended the University of Minnesota Duluth, but did not graduate. Prior to Big Brother, Pierzina was an actress, a model, and a waitress. She also appeared under the name Elle Brenna.

Pierzina modeled for Playboy Inc. twice and did an extended interview for Xposed magazine. She was also named as an SBK World Superbike Calendar Girl by FastDates.com. Pierzina also filmed a pilot episode for a travel series called Nautical Angels, but the series was not picked up for broadcast. The show featured three women, called "angels", who traveled to various tourist destinations, examining the history, culture, and activities of each location. Pierzina was the "action angel", trying out different activities of the area. In the pilot, the girls traveled to Southeast Asia. The only video of the pilot appears on the production company's web site, Bigfoot Entertainment.

Pierzina also had a bit part in the movie Bruce Almighty, which was cut significantly, but not entirely. She also appeared briefly as a non-speaking extra on Friends and Charmed. Early in her career, Pierzina did run afoul of the law with two minor offenses: a DWI infraction in 2000 in her home state of Minnesota and misdemeanor theft in 2001 in Los Angeles. After several court issued arrest warrants spanning multiple years and totaling tens of thousands of dollars, she finally pleaded guilty to both charges, settling the latter charge only two weeks before the start of Big Brother 6.

Big Brother 6

In 2005, Pierzina was one of fourteen contestants on Big Brother 6. Her secret partner was 'ex-roommate', Ashlea Evans. During the course of the season Pierzina won two Head of Household competitions, two Power of Veto competitions, and two America's Choice votes. Pierzina was a part of the popular 'Sovereign Six' alliance that continually battled the other dominant 'Friendship' alliance in the house. Pierzina came in third, being evicted on September 16, 2005, Day 76. She then became a member of the seven contestant jury who would decide between the final two.

Big Brother 7

In the summer of 2006, it was announced that Pierzina was one of the 20 Houseguests eligible to participate in Big Brother 7:All-Stars. She was chosen by the viewers and was the first houseguest to enter the house on July 3, 2006. She quickly aligned with her fellow Big Brother 6 houseguests which made her an early target. After evicting former BB2 winner, Will Kirby, Pierzina was eventually evicted on Day 67, coming in third place and becoming a member of the seven contestant jury.

On Pierzina's eviction night, September 7, 2006, Julie Chen announced that she had won the most competitions in a single and double season of any Big Brother series. She won a total of four Head of Household competitions, five Power of Veto competitions and two America's Choice votes in this season alone, tieing the record for most Head of Household wins in a season set by Big Brother 5 HouseGuest Drew Daniel and setting a record for most Power of Veto wins in a season (since tied by Big Brother 8 HouseGuest Daniele Donato.) In season 6 she had won two Head of Households, two Power of Veto competitions and two America's Choice votes. In total (from both seasons), she had won 18 competitions, which is the most competitions any Big Brother HouseGuest has ever won in the history of the game.

On September 12, 2006, the final day of Big Brother 7:All-Stars, Pierzina was named the winner of the final America's Choice vote, a $25,000 dollar prize to a jury member, when added to her stipend of $30,000, gave her total winnings of $55,000 for the season.

Big Brother 8

On September 1, 2007, Day 64 in the Big Brother 8 house, Pierzina returned to host the Power Of Veto competition, Janelle-O-Vision, to the Final Six competing HouseGuests.

Big Brother 10

On August 9, 2008, Day 33 in the Big Brother 10 house, Pierzina again returned to participate in the week's food competition. The competition involved the nine remaining Big Brother 10 house guests competing one at a time against one member from each prior season of Big Brother to win food for the week. Contestant Jerry MacDonald challenged Pierzina to a trivia question, but lost, resulting in a loss of food for a day of the week for the HouseGuests and a $1,000 cash prize for Pierzina.

Big Reality Star

Pierzina was voted as one of the four nominees to win the Big Reality Star of '06 award at VH1's Big in 2006 Awards. On December 3, 2006, Pierzina attended and won the award for Big Reality Star, beating the likes of celebrity reality stars Mario Lopez, Flavor Flav, and American Idol reality star, Chris Daughtry. Janelle won the award by a margin of 2 million votes.


The following includes television and film appearance of Pierzina. Appearances prior to Big Brother 6 were generally not officially credited to her originally, but have since been documented by imdb and other sources. Her increased notoriety has been used in marketing some of her past work, especially the TV pilot Nautical Angels.

Title Type Date Role Description
Big Brother 10 TV Series August 10, 2008 Herself Participated in food competition
Big Brother 9 TV Series April 27, 2008 Herself Seen attending Finale
Superpass' Big Brother Chat Internet Video Chat April 24, 2008 Herself Interviewed
Superpass' Big Brother Chat Internet Video Chat September 5, 2007 Herself Interviewed
Entertainment Tonight TV series September 4, 2007 Herself Interviewed
Big Brother 8 TV series September 1, 2007 Herself Host for PoV Competition
House Calls: The Big Brother Talk Show Internet Talk Show August 31, 2007 Herself Interviewed / Co-Hosting
House Calls: The Big Brother Talk Show Internet Talk Show August 30, 2007 Herself Interviewed / Co-Hosting
VH1's Big in 06 Awards Award Show December 3, 2006 Herself Nominee and Winner of VH1's Big in 06, Big Reality Star Award
Superpass' Big Brother Chat Internet Video Chat October 26, 2006 Herself Interviewed
Superpass' Big Brother Chat Internet Video Chat September 27, 2006 Herself Interviewed
The View TV series September 13, 2006 Herself Interviewed
House Calls: The Big Brother Talk Show Internet Talk Show September 8, 2006 Herself Interviewed
The Early Show TV series September 8, 2006 Herself Interviewed
Big Brother 7 TV series 2006 Herself Finished 3rd of 14. Voted by viewers a prize of $25,000.00 in addition to a stipend of $30,000.00
Reality Chat TV series November 28, 2005 Herself Interviewed
Live with Regis and Kelly TV series September 22, 2005 Herself Interviewed
House Calls: The Big Brother Talk Show Internet Talk Show September 21, 2005 Herself Interviewed
The Early Show TV series September 16, 2005 Herself Interviewed
Entertainment Tonight TV series July 9, 2005 Herself
Big Brother 6 TV series 2005 Herself Finished 3rd of 14
Nautical Angels TV pilot 2005 Action Angel After production this TV pilot was never picked up by a broadcaster. It featured three "Nautical Angels", who visited various tourist destinations. Pierzina would try out various physical activities for tourists, such as diving. Her fellow "angels" were Sarah Backhouse and Miss Thailand World Cindy Burbridge.
Las Vegas TV series February 9, 2004 Jean-Claude Van Damme Girlfriend Appeared in episode #1.15, "Die Fast, Die Furious"
Bruce Almighty Film 2003 Walking in the background Uncredited
Like Mike Film 2002 Cheerleader Uncredited
Street Smarts TV series May 20, 2003 Herself A game show which involved asking ordinary people on the street trivia questions.
Charmed TV series April 25, 2002 Sitting on wizard's lap Episode #4.19: "We're Off to See the Wizard"
Friends TV series December 6, 2001 Girl sitting in coffee shop. Episode #8.10

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