Janelia Farm

Janelia Farm Research Campus

Janelia Farm is a research campus of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute that opened in October 2006. The campus is located in Loudoun County, Virginia, near the town of Ashburn.

The 689 acre (2.79 km²) campus features a 900 foot (270 m) long, arc-shaped main building—designed by noted architect Rafael Viñoly— known as the Landscape Building. The building, 270 feet (82 m) deep at the ground floor, is built into a hill and designed to be the primary research facility.

The campus research focuses on interdisciplinary biomedical research in neurobiology, specifically addressing:

  • The identification of general principles that govern how information is processed by neuronal circuits
  • The development of imaging technologies and computational methods for image analysis

Janelia farm was designed to emulate the unconstrained and collaborative environments at AT&T Bell Laboratories and Cambridge's Laboratory of Molecular Biology. Researchers are on six-year contracts and fully internally funded, independent of traditional research grant funding.

Gerald M. Rubin is the first president and director of Janelia Farm, and saw it from concept through construction to operation.


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