in Sanskrit, jana means "tribe, people"; see Janapada.

Jana is a given name, which has many origins in different languages. In India however, Jana is a shortform for the Hindu God Janarthanan / Janardhan. In Arabic it a noun which means Paradise or Garden, used as a female name, but is prounounced Jannah, with the N held longer for a moment. For some it is the name of the Roman goddess Diana, who was often called Jana; for others, Jana is a Slavic short-form for Johanna. Less often, this form is Janna.

People identified as Jana

Fictional Janas


Jaina, Janna, Janne, Jane, Janet, Janka (Bulgarian), Janina (Polish), Janita, Jantina, Janka (Hungarian), Janica, Jaana (Finnish), Janine, Jeanne, Yana.


  • Jana (or JANA) is an acronym for Jamahiriya News Agency, Libya's state news agency.
  • Jana (or JANA) is an acronym for Jafria Association of North America, the oldest Shia Muslim organization in the US.

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