James Shaver

James Shaver

Woodsworth, James Shaver, 1874-1942, Canadian politician. Having done social welfare work while serving as a Methodist minister, he later gave up the ministry to devote himself wholly to labor and welfare causes. Supported by the Independent Labour party, he entered the Canadian House of Commons in 1921, remaining a member until his death. When the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (see New Democratic party) was founded (1932) he became chairman of its national council and its parliamentary leader.

See biographies by G. MacInnis (1953) and K. W. McNaught (1959).

Rev. James Woodsworth, D.D. was, in the late 1800s, Superintendent of Methodist Missions in the North-West of Canada, which then included all four of today's western provences. He fathered James Shaver Woodsworth, who was the first leader of the CCF (which became the NDP).

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