James Bregman

James Bregman

James ("Jim") Steven Bregman (born November 17, 1941 in Arlington, Virginia) was a member of the first American team to compete in judo in the Summer Olympics.

Judo was first in included in the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, and Bregman won a bronze medal in the under 80kg category in those games—the only American to bring home a medal in judo in the 1964 Summer Games.

The judo world sometimes speaks with pride of the 1964 American Olympic judo team as consisting of a Jew, an African-American, a Japanese-American, and a Native American (see Nishioka's book in the references, below). Bregman was the Jew in this grouping.

Bregman has continued to be involved in the American judo community, and until recently served as president of the United States Judo Association.


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