Jake Kaufman

Jake Kaufman

Jake Kaufman (also known as virt) (born April 3 1981) is an American video game music composer. In 2002, he set up the website VGMix and continues to administer it. He is presently redesigning it, for the second time, with a team of volunteers. He is also a member of the netlabel Hellven. Kaufman has recently released an album for free under the creative commons license on 8bitpeoples.com entitled FX3, comprising of original songs limited to the specifications of the NES sound chip.


As a hobby, Kaufman produces both original compositions, and rearrangements of varied pieces. Examples include reproducing game music with high-quality synthesised instrumentation, and reproducing popular music within the confines of "chiptune" technology. His personal site as virt on vgmix hosts his hobby works.

Professionally, he has composed music for a range of games:

Game Boy Color

Game Boy Advance

Nintendo 64

Nintendo DS

Playstation 2


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