Jaime Velez

Jaime Velez

Jaime Velez, played by Christopher Rivera, is a Latino inmate on the HBO drama Oz.

Character overview

He wants to follow Miguel Alvarez and tries to kill Carmen Guerra to get in his good graces. The attempt backfires however as Guerra kills Jaime.

Season 5

Released from solitary, Alvarez finds trouble from Guerra that Velez is witness to. In order to call a truce, Alvarez allows Chico to stab him in full view of the Latinos without retaliating. Guerra uses this as a chance to aim for Alvarez's heart but he misses and after witnessing this, Jaime is impressed by Miguel's bravery. Velez then tells Miguel that he thinks he is the new wave in leading El Norte and will do whatever is necessary to become his Lieutenant. Miguel sees an opportunity to kill Guerra here and asks Jaime to do the deed. Jaime approaches ready to stab Chico in the shower but Guerra turns around killing Jaime instead. Miguel however does not retaliate as he is trying to remain out of solitary.


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