Jaime Morgan Stubbe

Jaime Morgan Stubbe

Jaime Morgan Stubbe, the last Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Maritime Authority or "Navieras de Puerto Rico', is currently the President of Palmas del Mar, Inc., the real estate developer that owns and operates the Palmas del Mar residential and tourist complex in Humacao, Puerto Rico. He and his wife, artist Jochefi Morgan, live in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico with their children.


A 1976 graduate of Colegio Marista in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, he obtained in May, 1980 his bachelors degree at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he was elected president of Tulane's Latin American Students Association (LASA), before pursuing his law degree, specializing in Admiralty, or maritime law.

Public service

He was responsible for the privatization of Navieras de Puerto Rico, an entity created in the 1970's when during the first administration of Governor Rafael Hernández Colón the government of Puerto Rico bought out the assets of the largest shipping line serving the mainland United States-Puerto Rico market. The entity never turned a profit in 20 years of operation.

Morgan Stubbe subsequently moved on to serve as Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (PRIDCO) under Puerto Rico's first Secretary of Economic Development and Commerce, Luis Fortuño, during Governor Pedro Rosselló's first term in office, where he helped fine-tune Puerto Rico's economic development strategy as Congress did away with the multibillion dollar per year federal tax incentives for Puerto Rico manufacturing activity codified under Section 936 of the federal Internal Revenue Code and helped fashion the transitional wage credit that substituted Section 936, codified as Section 30A of the Code.

Professional life

Prior to entering public service, Morgan Stubbe was an active practitioner of maritime law in Puerto Rico, mostly in federal court. After leaving government service, he has reenergized and dramatically expanded the size of the Palmas del Mar community, as its president for almost a decade. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Triple S Management Corp., one of the largest publicly-traded corporations headquartered in Puerto Rico.





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