This article is about the Italian rock band. For the Italian comicbook of the same title, see Jacula (fumetti).

Jacula is an Italian progressive rock band founded in 1968 in Milan as an experiment by Antonio Bartoccetti, Doris Norton (also known as Fiamma Dello Spirito), organist Charles Tiring and medium Franz Porthenzy.

Jacula's music was considered innovative in the progressive circles of those years, but dark and strange by most fans and analysts of this kind of music, especially in an era which saw the development of groups such as Pink Floyd, Genesis or Gentle Giant, which were the basis of the new progressive rock scene. Jacula has a similar sound to Devil Doll.

Their discography is not very large because the band was experimental and had even been labelled by founder Antonio Bartoccetti (who both composed and performed with lots of other musicians from the Italian progressive rock scene in the 1970s) as a youth mistake.

The two albums the group conceived are very complete: In Cauda Semper Stat Venenum (1969) which has a superposition of organ, piano and other dark sound effects; Tardo Pede In Magiam Versus (1973) which features Doris Norton's vocals, with a sound influenced by bands of the Italian underground scene such as Le Orme.



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