Jacques Antoine Charles Bresse

Jacques-Antoine-Adrien Delort

Jacques-Antoine-Adrien Delort (1773 - 1846) was a French general and deputy.

A National Guardsman at the age of 16 in 1789, he died a Lieutenant General, aide-de-camp to the King and a Peer of France. Major of the 9th Dragoon Regiment, his conduct at Austerlitz gave him command of the 24th Dragoons, at the head of which he covered himself with glory in Spain (Molins del Rey, Vich, Valls, Sagonte). As a Brigadier General in 1811, he held provisional command of the cavalry of the Army of Aragon through 1813. He beat O'Donell at Castella, and charged the pass at Ordal. Recalled to France, Delort charged again at Montereau then, as a Lieutenant General, he commanded the 3rd Division of Reserve Cavalry at Waterloo.


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