Jacklight is a 1984 poetry collection by Louise Erdrich. The collection grew from poems Erdrich wrote for her 1979 Master of Arts thesis at Johns Hopkins University.

Table of Contents

  • Jacklight
    • "Jacklight"
  • Runaways
    • "A Love Medicine"
    • "Family Reunion"
    • "Indian Boarding School: The Runaways"
    • "Dear John Wayne"
    • "Rugaroo"
    • "Francine's Room"
    • "The Lady in the Pink Mustang"
    • "Walking in the Breakdown Lane"
  • Hunters
    • "The Woods"
    • "The Levelers"
    • "Train"
    • "Captivity"
    • "Chahinkapa Zoo"
    • "The King of Owls"
    • "Painting of a White Gate and Sky"
    • "Night Sky"
  • The Butcher's Wife
    • "The Butcher's Wife"
    • "That Pull from the Left"
    • "Clouds"
    • "Shelter"
    • "The Slow Sting of Her Company"
    • "Here Is a Good Word for Step-and-a-Half Waleski"
    • "Portrait of the Town Leonard"
    • "Leonard Commits Redeeming Adulteries with All the Women in Town"
    • "Leonard Refuses to Atone"
    • "Unexpected Dangers"
    • "My Name Repeated on the Lips of the Dead"
    • "A Mother's Hell"
    • "The Book of Water"
    • "To Otto, in Forgetfulness"
    • "New Vows"
  • Myths
    • "I Was Sleeping Where the Black Oaks Move"
    • "The Strange People"
    • "The Lefavor Girls"
    • "Three Sisters"
    • "Whooping Cranes"
    • "Old Man Potchikoo"
    • "The Birth of Potchikoo"
    • "Potchikoo Marries"
    • "How Potchikoo Got Old"
    • "The Death of Potchikoo"
    • "Windigo"
    • "The Red Sleep of Beasts"
    • "Turtle Mountain Reservation"


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