Jaazer, variant of Jazer.

Torsofuck is a Finnish Goregrind band. It was founded on 1995 in Harjavalta, Finland.

The band released their debut album Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy in 2004. After that they have toured both in Finland and abroad, for example in Austria.

Torsofuck is one of the performers on Maryland Deathfest 2008, the "Biggest underground metal festival in North-America. They are the only Finnish band on the festival.

The second album, As Semen Blends To Rot was released early 2008.

The musicians of Torsofuck are also known from other notable extreme metal bands such as Torture Killer, Demigod, Archgoat, Funeral Feast and Slugathor.

Band members

  • Mikko Friberg, vocals (ex-Eruption)
  • Antti Oinonen, guitar (Cadaveric Incubator, ex-Excrement, Slugathor)
  • Tuomas Karppinen, bass ((Archgoat, Funeral Feast), Panzerkvlt, ex-Torn , Torture Killer, Demigod)
  • Tuomo Latvala, drums (AN, Demigod, ex-Hellbox, ex-Torn, Torture Killer)
  • Andrew Minkin, guitar (Cadaveric Incubator, ex-Excrement, Slugathor)

Former members

  • Åke Andersson - Guitar
  • Jarkko Rännäli - Guitar (Pus)
  • Jaazer - Drums (ex-Eruption)
  • Tero - Bass
  • Valtteri "Mömmö" Salén - Guitar (Pus), ex-Eruption)
  • Hans - Vocals
  • Jarkko Haapala - Drum Programming, Guitar, Bass (ex-Eruption), Pus)


  • Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy (Goregiastic Records 2004)
  • As Semen Blends With Rot (Goregiastic Records 2007/2008)

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