JEM Management Corp

JEM Management Corp.

JEM Management Corp. is a Fresno, California based corporation that includes the two franchises of Wendy's and KFC, and JEM Farms, a walnut ranch in Butte County in northern California. The Wendy's franchise was granted to Joseph F. Desmond by founder Dave Thomas in 1972, and Desmond has since built JEM into an organization that currently (as of 2005) owns and operates 23 Wendy's restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area and California Central Valley. The acronym JEM represents Joan, Edna, and Margaret, franchisee Desmond's second daughter, late wife, and first daughter, respectively.

It owns the San Jose restaurant where, in 2005, Anna Ayala claimed that she found a human finger in her chili. Ayala threatened to sue JEM, but has since admitted planting the finger herself, pleaded guilty to grand larceny, and has been sentenced to prison.

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