J. David Kuo

David Kuo

J. David Kuo is CEO of Culture11 a social media company that is one part webzine and one part social network.

He is also an author and former Special Assistant to President George W. Bush and Deputy Director of the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. He is a Conservative Christian of Asian (Chinese) descent. Kuo's book Tempting Faith is a political and spiritual memoir of his time in Washington working with the so-called "religious right". However, it received attention primarily because of his assertion that President Bush's "compassionate conservative" promises were never fulfilled and used for primarily political purposes — a claim that was echoed by John DiIulio but was denied by the White House. He also claimed that the Bush administration used Christian voters while simultaneously ridiculing Christian political leaders.

He was formerly with the CIA and also served as Policy Director for Senator John Ashcroft, Deputy Policy Director of Empower America (an organization started by Bill Bennett and Jack Kemp), and founded a charity called The American Compass. In 1999 he served as senior vice president of communications at Value America (valueamerica.com), and wrote about the experience in his first book dot.bomb: My Days and Nights at an Internet Goliath. That book was a Good Morning American book club selection in early 2003.

He lives with his wife Kim, three daughters and one son in Virginia.

He has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows including the Colbert Report, Real Time with Bill Maher, and 60 Minutes.



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