J Turner Butler Blvd

Florida State Road 9A

This article is about the signed eastern half of State Road 9A that serves northern Jacksonville, Florida. For details on the western half, which is not signed as SR 9A, see Interstate 295 (Florida). For the unsigned SR 9A in the Miami, Florida, area, see Interstate 95 in Florida.

State Road 9A (SR 9A) forms a full loop around Jacksonville, Florida, United States. The western half is signed as Interstate 295. The eastern half will also be signed as I-295 when construction at the interchange with SR 202 (J. Turner Butler Boulevard) is finished around October 2008. (Its sole traffic signal was finally removed on July 28, 2008.) This will provide Jacksonville with a complete limited-access beltway around its major city population center.

Opening dates

SR 5 (US 17) to SR 105 (Heckscher Drive) March 1995
SR 105 (Heckscher Drive) to SR 113/Merrill Road March 1989
SR 113/Merrill Road to Monument Road March 1989
Monument Road to SR 10/St. Johns Bluff Road December 1993
SR 10/St. Johns Bluff Road to SR 212 (US 90 - Beach Blvd.) February 2005
SR 212 (US 90 - Beach Blvd.) to SR 202 (J. Turner Butler Blvd.) May 2006
Interchange at SR 202 (J. Turner Butler Blvd.) estimated October 2008
SR 202 (J. Turner Butler Blvd.) to SR 152 (Baymeadows Road) April 1998
SR 152 (Baymeadows Road) to SR 5 (US 1 - Philips Highway) October 2000
SR 5 (US 1 - Philips Highway) to SR 9 (I-95) April 2006

Exit list

The entire route is in Jacksonville, Duval County.
Mile # Destinations Notes
0.000 35 , Jacksonville International Airport, Savannah Signed as exits 35A (south) and 35B (north)
1.912 Pulaski Road
4.187 Alta Drive
9.899 Southbound exit and northbound entrance
10.255 Merrill Road Southbound exit to Merrill Road east is via SR 113
11.395 Monument Road
13.394 St. Johns Bluff Road Northbound exit and southbound entrance
Town Center Parkway, University of North Florida Drive Serves the University of North Florida
Interchange under construction
19.006 Gate Parkway
22.231 Proposed southbound exit and northbound entrance; ramp stubs exist
25.585 61 Signed as exits 61A (south) and 61B (north)

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