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Jäger (singular der Jäger, plural die Jäger, , as in Yeager) is the German word for "hunter", and also a common German surname.

It is related to "die Jagd" (plural "die Jagden") for "the hunt", and "jagen" for "to hunt". In English it is often written with the ("double") plural Jägers, or as jaeger (pl. jaegers) or jager (pl. jagers) to reflect the original "ae" combination that was replaced in German by the umlaut ä, a letter which does not exist in the English alphabet.

The various meanings of Jäger, Jaeger and Jager include:


See also: Huntsmen (military)





The Netherlands



  • Vânători de Munte, or Mountain Hunters, one of the most active of the Romanian military elite forces


United States

The 24th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment was also known as the "Hecker Jaeger Regiment” after Friedrich Hecker, its original commander.



  • Jaeger, Arctic seabird, one of several species of Stercorariidae


  • Gray Fox (Frank Jaeger), a recurring character in the Metal Gear Solid series
  • Jagar Tharn, a fictional character of The Elder Scrolls universe
  • Felix Jaeger, a fictional character in the Gotrek and Felix series
  • Jaeger (comics), a fictional character in the Marvel Comics Universe
  • Jägermonsters, a fictional race from the Girl Genius comics
  • The Strong Jaeger, a red and yellow robot with a signature J on his chest appearing in the videos of songs of the same name in the beatmania IIDX music games
  • Jäger is the field-name of the first and most basic of the Southern forces in the video and board game series Heavy Gear.


  • Armi Jager, an Italian firearms manufacturer
  • Eheim, a German company that makes aquarium heaters under the name Jäger
  • Hunter Jaegers, an Australian netball team
  • Jaeger (automobile), an automobile built in Belleville, Michigan by the Jaeger Motor Car Company
  • Jaeger (clothing), a United Kingdom clothing retailer
  • Jaeger 70, a hybrid of two American species of grape
  • Jaeger, a trademark owned by Magneti Marelli
  • Jaeger, the North American name for the smaller species of the skua family of seabirds
  • Jaeger-LeCoultre, a maker of watches
  • Jaeger's Anetia, a species of butterfly in the Danaidae family
  • Jager (plural Jagers), the Dutch word for hunter
  • Jager was the name of the blue armor upgrade in the Zoids series
  • Jager, an alternative name for Eger in Hungary
  • Jägermeister, a German liquor
  • Jägerbomb, a cocktail combining one shot of Jägermeister dropped into a glass of an energy drink
  • Jagertee, a drink made by mixing rum into black tea
  • Kerberos Panzer Jäger, a 2006 Japanese radio drama
  • Pilgrim Jäger, a Japanese manga series
  • Rote Jäger, a short-lived German military football club active during World War II
  • Some early flintlock rifles were known as Jäger rifles, see German military rifles

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