Ivan Savvich Nikitin

Ivan Savvich Nikitin

Ivan Savvich Nikitin, Иван Саввич Никитин (1824-1861), a Russian poet.

There are the bright instants:
The clear peace immerse your soul;
The fire of holy inspiration
is burning inextinguishably.

It places press of the immortal force to the labor that considered and silence of the grave and live brings to dead stones.

life gives, Lewdness and banality strikes, to good brings incense and eternal truth erects the holy altar and eternal temple.

It does not require a reward, creates in quiet ... But, man, there is no mercy in the bottomless and anxious pool.

Stone will fall on the breast of concern, need will forge the freedom of hands, Inspiration fire is dying, The powerful engine of labor.

1851, 1852


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