Itai Keisuke

Tokitenkū Yoshiaki

Tokitenkū Yoshiaki (born September 10, 1979 as Altangadasny Khüchitbaatar, Алтангадасын Хүчитбаатар, in Altanbulag, Töv Province, Mongolia) is a sumo wrestler. The highest rank he has reached is komusubi.


Tokitenkū is the son of a Mongolian wrestler, who reached a rank equivalent to komusubi in Mongolian wrestling.

He first came to Japan in 2000 to study at Tokyo University of Agriculture. Although he took part in sumo, winning the under 100kg collegiate chamionships, he originally intended to return to Mongolia upon graduation. However, he was inspired to enter professional sumo by watching active wrestlers Asashōryū and Asasekiryū, with whom he had practised judo as a teenager in Ulaanbaatar. He joined Tokitsukaze stable just before turning 23 years of age, the upper age limit set by the Japan Sumo Association.

He began his career in July 2002, winning all of his first 22 official bouts and earning three consecutive division championships in the process. Only Itai and Tochiazuma, who each won their first 26 matches, have had a longer unbeaten run from sumo entry. He progressed to the second highest jūryō division in March 2004 and, just two tournaments later, to the top makuuchi division. It took him only 12 tournaments from his professional debut to make the top division, which is equal to the second fastest rise since six tournaments a year were introduced in 1958.

He was not able at first to maintain his makuuchi position, dropping back to juryo twice, but a result of 10-5 in November 2005 gained him the rank of maegashira 1 as well as the technique prize. He made his sanyaku or titled rank debut in March 2007 at komusubi, where he defeated Yokozuna Asashōryū on the opening day but missed out on another special prize by falling just short of a majority of wins, posting a 7-8 score. He returned to komusubi in July 2007, but again scored 7-8. He has remained at the top of the maegashira ranks since then, but has not managed a winning record so far in 2008.

When he began his sumo career he weighed around , but he has gained weight steadily and is now about , average for the top division. His favourite technique is yori-kiri, or force out, although he also relies on pull-down techniques such as hataki-komi and hiki-otoshi.

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