Reincarnation (Ismailism)

The belief in reincarnation in Nizari Ismailism is attested to in the Ginans and Ismailis perform chantas yearly, one of which is for sins committed in past lives.

Reincarnation also exists in the Druze religion, which broke from Ismailism. The Druze believe that only the members of their community will be reincarnated as humans in the form of future descendants. It is also known that Druze believe in five cosmic principles, represented by the five colored Druze star: intelligence/reason (green), soul (red), word (yellow), precedent (blue), and immanence (white). These virtues take the shape of five different spirits which, until recently, have been continuously reincarnated on Earth as prophets and philosophers including Adam, the ancient Greek mathematician and astronomer Pythagoras, and the ancient Pharaoh of Egypt Akhenaten, and many others. The Druze believe that, in every time period, these five principles were personified in five different people who came down together to Earth to teach humans the true path to God and nirvana, but that with them came five other individuals who would lead people away from the right path into "darkness".


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