Islamica Corporation is an "identity-centric" organization founded in Chicago, Illinois. Islamica's products include apparel, accessories and media marketed towards Muslim youth and cultural fusion. Islamica differentiates itself from other Muslim organizations by focusing on an emerging generation of Muslims in non-Muslim environments. Islamica's apparel offers Muslims to express their identity through contemporary styles and humorous messages.


Founded in 1999 by Mirza Baig, Azher Ahmed and Afeef Abdul-Majeed, Islamica was the one of the first companies to address the needs of an emerging generation of Muslims. Islamica has grown and established itself as a premiere outlet for style and comedy amongst Muslims.

Islamica Community

One of the best known products of Islamica Corporation is its Islamica Community website, better known simply as "Islamica", which consists primarily of its massively popular internet forums. These forums serve as a virtual hangout for Muslims and people of other faiths as well. Members of these Islamica News is muslim-oriented parody news similar in style to The Onion.

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