Islamic Party of Britain

Islamic Party of Britain

The Islamic Party of Britain is a defunct political party in Britain that was active from its formation in 1989 until 2006. The IPB was an Islamist political party that opposed capitalism and communism. David Musa Pidcock, a convert to Islam, founded and led the party.

They had limited electoral success with Pidcock achieving 800 votes in the Bradford North by-election, 1990. The IPB was generally supportive of the Respect coalition with one of their leading members standing for the coalition.

The IPB published a quarterly magazine entitled Common Sense.

Common sense

Common Sense is a quarterly magazine published by the Islamic Party of Britain which contains in-depth articles from an Islamic perspective on a different relevant topic each issue. It has around 40 issues so far.


The IPB said Britons should fight for God and Muhammad. The party believed in equal treatment under the law regardless of an individual's status, income or ethnicity. Reports from the law commission have stated that in relation to criminal offenses in which the accused is from an ethnic minority group, convictions are greater and sentences are longer. Moreover, the Lord Chancellor's office in its run up to the publication Of the green paper on the reform of the legal system and the legal profession noted that accessibility to redress via the present legal system depended to a great extent on the individual's financial ability to meet the cost of such, rather than on justice, fairness, and truth or falsity of the claim.

The I.P.O.B's policies on Religion, are that Religion is an important thing, it is the most important thing in life. So it is to be accepted. The party has a list of policies on its website. It has also answered questions sent in by readers, although it no longer takes new questions. On homosexuality it says that it is a condition needing treatment, and not to be tolerated. It also says that homosexuals should be put to death for a "public display of lewdness".

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