Isidor Bajić secondary school of music, Novi Sad

Isidor Bajić secondary school of music, Novi Sad

Isidor Bajić (Serbian Cyrillic Исидор Бајић) is a secondary school of music located in the city of Novi Sad, the capital of the Serbian province of Vojvodina. Specifically, it is located at #9 Njegoševa ulica. The school was established on September 1, 1909.

It is one of the 15 secondary schools in Novi Sad. The school was named after Isidor Bajić, a famous Serbian composer, pedagogue, and publisher, who was also the school's first principal and instructor of theory.

Students of the school have achieved success in music competitions in Serbia and abroad, averaging 100 awards per year, and receiving numerous awards for excellent performance and pedagogical achievements. One such example is the "Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic Award", received in 1999 from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia and Cultural and Educational Society of Serbia.

"In music school, pupils are encouraged to work independently and to fulfill their duties, which has great influence on forming children’s characters... Pupils will not only learn how to play the instrument, but they will also be educated how to understand and enjoy music as a science, by learning theory of music scientific disciplines... Music school is a cultural institution that has a very serious task and has public responsibility for fulfilling it successfully."
Isidor Bajic, Novi Sad, 1909

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