Isabella of Aragon and Castile

Descendants of Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon

On October 19, 1469 Ferdinand II of Aragon married Isabella of Castile, they were the most powerful monarchs in all of Europe. Their marriage produced many children five of them survived to adulthood, they had many grandchildren who became Holy Roman Emperors, Kings of Portugal and Cardinals. Isabella and Ferdinand are ancesters of Queens of England, Kings of France, Dukes of Savoy and many others.


Image Name Birth Death Notes
Isabella of Aragon 1470 August 15 1498 married 1. Afonso, Prince of Portugal 2. Manuel I of Portugal and had issue
Juan, Prince of Asturias 28 June 1478 4 October 1497 married Margaret of Austria had no surviving issue.
Joanna of Castile 6 November 1479 12 April 1555 married Philip I of Castile and had issue.
Maria of Aragon and Castile 29 June 1482 March 7 1517 married Isabella's husband Manuel I of Portugal after her death, had issue
Catherine of Aragon 16 December 1485 January 7 1536 married Henry VIII of England, had issue.


Image Name Birth Death Notes
no image Miguel da Paz, Prince of Asturias 1498 1500 died young ,no issue
Eleanor of Austria November 15, 1498 February 25, 1558 married 1. Manuel I of Portugal had issue, 2. Francis I of France no issue.
Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor 24 February 1500 21 September 1558 married Isabella of Portugal and had issue.
Isabella of Austria 18 July 1501 19 January 1526 She married Christian II of Denmark, had issue.
Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor 10 March 1503 25 July 1564 married Anna of Bohemia and Hungary, had issue.
Mary of Austria 18 September, 1505 18 October 1558 Married Louis II of Hungary and Bohemia, had no issue.
Catherine of Habsburg 14 January, 1507 12 February, 1578 Married John III of Portugal, had issue.
John III of Portugal June 7, 1502 11 June 1557 Married Catherine of Habsburg, had issue.
Isabella of Portugal 23 October, 1503 May 1, 1539 Married Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, had issue.
no image Infanta Beatriz, Duchess of Savoy 31 December 1504 January 8, 1538 married Charles III, Duke of Savoy, had issue.
Infante Luís, Duke of Beja March 3, 1506 November 27 1555 unmarried, no legitamate issue.
Infante Fernando, Duke of Guarda and Trancoso 1507 1534 married Guiomar Coutinho had issue
no image Cardinal-Infante Afonso of Portugal 1509 1540 Became cardinal of Portugal, unmarried , no issue
Henry of Portugal 31 January 1512 January 1 1580 Died unmarried no issue
Infante Duarte, Duke of Guimarães October 7, 1515 September 20 1540 married Isabel of Braganza had issue
Mary I of England 18 February 1516 November 17 1558 Became Queen of England, married Philip II of Spain had no issue


Image Name Birth Death Notes
no image Infanta Maria, Lady of Viseu 1521 1577 unmarried, no issue
Philip II of Spain May 21, 1527 September 13, 1598 Married four times, had issue
Maria of Spain 21 June 1528 February 26 1603 married Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, had issue.
Joanna of Habsburg 24 June 1535 September 7 1573 She married João Manuel, Prince of Portugal, had issue.
Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor July 31 1527 October 12 1576 married Maria of Spain, had issue.
Johanna of Austria January 24, 1547 10 April 1578 Married Francesco I de' Medici, had issue.
Catherine of Austria 15 September, 1533 28 February, 1572 Married Sigismund II Augustus, had no issue.
Eleonora of Austria November 2, 1534 August 5 1594 Married William I, Duke of Mantua, had issue.
Christina of Denmark 1522 1590 Married Francesco II Sforza, had no issue.
Maria Manuela, Princess of Portugal October 15 1527 August 12, 1545 married Philip II of Spain, had issue.
João Manuel, Prince of Portugal June 3, 1527 January 2 1554 married Joan of Spain, had issue.
Emmanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy 1528 1580 Married Margaret of France Had issue
no image Infanta Maria of Guimarães 1538 1577 Married Alexander Farnese, Duke of Parma, had issue
no image Infanta Catarina, Duchess of Braganza 1540 1580 Married ?, had issue
Elisabeth of Austria July 9, 1526 June 15 1545 married Sigismund II Augustus had no issue
Anna of Austria 7 July 1528 October 16 1590 Married Albert V, Duke of Bavaria, had issue
Barbara of Austria 30 May 1539 19 September 1572 Married Alfonso II, Duke of Ferrara, had no issue

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