Iroquois Shoreline

Iroquois Shoreline

Iroquois Shoreline was the shore of the Glacial Lake Iroquois, now part of the current Lake Ontario.

The old shoreline runs west-east across Toronto, further inland. Most prominent sections above the height of the lower city include the area near St. Clair Avenue West between Bathurst and the Don River, as well as running parallel (or just south of) Davenport Road from Caledonia to Spadina Avenue. The Scarborough Bluffs also formed part of the shoreline of the ancient lake.

The shoreline parallels Lake Ontario roughly 5km inland from Burlington east before merging with the current shore at the bluffs in Scarborough, although parts of it are hardly noticeable, while in other sections is reddish/brown clay bluffs are easily visible.

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