Iron City Hooligans

Iron City Hooligans

The Iron City Hooligans are a streetpunk/ Oi! band hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The band features former members of Steel City Boot Crew, My Drunk Uncle, and The Helldivers.(2)
Combining 80s hardcore and Oi! with an unlikely mix of rock&roll, surf, and even country, the Iron City Hooligans have a distinct sound which, to date, can only be heard in their lives shows and the "Support the Troops" compilation from Studio 356 (1)(2). Other recordings can be found at their website. Currently, the Hooligans are in the process of recording their first full length album, which they plan to release in mid June (2).


According to their recent interview in Oi! Warning, the Hooligans were formed by Tom, who got together with a couple friends. Though nothing came out of this initial group, Tom soon found dedicated players in Tyler and Seth. This lineup continued until the drummer left. Shortly thereafter, Tyler and Seth approached Nic, who played guitar. Through him, they acquired Bill, who had played in various groups with Nic since they were both in High School.
They played their first show a couple of weeks later, opening for Pittsburgh veterans, The Traditionals at The Smiling Moose on Carson Street in the city's South Side.


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