Iron Bridge (band)

Iron Bridge (band)

Iron Bridge are a British hip hop band from Essex. The group contains only two permanent members, Craig Verbs (AKA Dirty Verbs) and Jibbarish (AKA Dutch Almanax), although they regularly work with other British hip-hop artists, such as Ronnie Compost, who features prominently in many tracks. While the group has never reached a wide audience, they have received a warm reception after being aired on a number of British radio stations and on internet radio. They are signed to Main Rock Records.


Toilet Humour

Released in 2004, this features a wide range of different vocal and instrumental sounds; indeed, Craig Verbs said in an interview with ukhh that "[Iron Bridge] didn’t really go for a sound as such with ‘Toilet Humour’, it just kinda came together."

Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. Dance for Ya Daddy
  3. We got Game
  4. Scientifical Cypher
  5. The Dark Side of the Light
  6. Die Trying
  7. Silent Hill
  8. The Shining
  9. Get Up
  10. They're Comin For Ya
  11. Skit
  12. International Relations
  13. Essex Boys
  14. Way of Life
  15. Silent Hill (on acid remix)
  16. The Howling
  17. Ill Mentality
  18. Skit
  19. Toilet Humour
  20. Outro


The Ghostwriters EP, released in September 2004, followed up the success of Toilet Humour with a shorter release featuring far fewer collaborating artists. The EP was widely criticised for the inclusion of the 'diss song' Brute Force. The track was recorded after an overly personal negative review was written. The track targets Rob Bringur, although it later emerged that he had not, in fact, written the article. While Craig Verbs has implied that he and Rob feel the matter closed, it remains a popular target for reviewers.

Track listing

  1. Toilet Humour *
  2. Ghostwriters
  3. Brute Force
  4. Outro *

(Items marked * previously featured on Toilet Humour)


Main Rock Records

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