Iron Angel

Iron Angel

Iron Angel was a speed metal band from Hamburg, Germany that was active during the mid 1980s and the early 2000s. They started out in 1980 as a school band called "Metal Gods" (a song by Judas Priest) being renamed Iron Angel few years later later inspired by a novel about a spirit hunter. Their first Demo was released in 1984, being called Power Metal Attack. They disbanded in the late 80s and reunited in 1999, when they began recording their third album that was to be titled The Rebirth but was never released.

Members and former members

  • Jürgen R. Blackmore - guitars
  • Dirk Schröder - Vocals
  • Mike Matthes - Drums
  • Thorsten Lohmann - Guitar
  • Gunter Moritz - Guitars
  • Sven Strüden - Guitar


  • Power Metal Attack (1984)
  • Legions of Evil (1985)
  • Hellish Crossfire (1985)
  • Winds of War (1986)
  • Rush of Power (2000) - First demo on LP
  • The Tapes (2004) - Live 1986, Germany tour with King Diamond

Re-Released by Painkiller Records 2005

  • Rush of Power (2004) - Live 1985 Warpke open Air

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