Irikkur is a town in Kannur District of Kerala state, south India. It has historic and commercial importance, and is one of the largest Mappila Muslim majority towns (90%) in Kannur district. Irikkur is situated near the Irikkur River. This river is the geographical boarder of the old Kottayam taluk (located in Kannur, separate to Kottayam District in Travancore) and Chirakkal taluk. The people residing both side of the river mingled together and this cooperation resulted in the formation of Irikkur village. The name "Irikkur" was considered to be formed from the Malayalam word 'iru kara ooru' which means a village of both sides of the river.

Irikkur is about 29 kilometers away from Kannur. There are many routes to Irikkur; there is direct bus service from Kannur to Irikkur. From Taliparamba one can reach here by travelling by Taliparamba-Sreekandapuram-Irikkur bus. From Chalode there are bus services to Irikkur in every 10 minutes. Also there are bus services from Mattannur, Iritty etc.

Irikkur is almost in the middle of the Kannur district. On the eastern side of the Irikkur Panchayath is Padiyoor. On the west is Malappattam. On the north is Sreekantapuram and on the south Irikkur river.

Irikkur is a model for unity in diversity as Muslims and Hindus live here in cooperation in addition to a small number of Christians. The famous Mamanam Temple, Nilamuttam Makham and Paisai Church lie side-by-side as a symbol of communal harmony.

Government offices

  • Police station
  • Block office
  • Govt PHC
  • Govt Ayurvedic Hospital
  • Registraton office
  • Panchayath office
  • PWD rest house
  • AEO office
  • KSEB regional Office
  • Village office
  • Telephone Exchange
  • Agricultural office
  • K W A Office


  • Govt PHC
  • Ayurvedic hospital
  • Unity hospital
  • Raslok hospital
  • Prashanthi clinic
  • Homeopathy hospital
  • Veterinary dispensary


  • Irikkur Co operative bank
  • Merchants Co operative Society
  • Canara Bank
  • Kannur Dist Co operative Bank
  • SBT


  • Self financing college: 2
  • Higher secondary school: 2 (Rahmaniya, GHSS)
  • Upper Primary : 3 (Kamaliya, Ayippuzha)

There are many LP schools and unrecognised schools.


Approximately 90% of the population consists of Muslims, most of Muslim organaisations have unit in Irikkur including Kerala Nadvathul Mujahideen, Jamaathe Islami, Samasta, AP Samasta, Madavoor Mujahid.

Places of worship

  • Mamanikkunn temple, one of the famous Hindu temples of Kerala.
  • 12 mosques, out of which allow to pray
  • A Christian seminary


The major political parties are the Congress, Indian Union Muslim League, National League and CPM. The Muslim League is the largest party.


Irikkur has a notable soccer history, and a football ground (Dianomous).

Annually a sevens football tournament organaised in Irikkur.


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