Ireland, Church of

Ireland, Church of

Ireland, Church of, Anglican church of both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. As a separate body the church goes back to the Reformation when the Irish church was officially reformed along the same lines as the church in England (see England, Church of). But the effects of the Reformation were superficial in Ireland and the Church of Ireland has always included only a small portion of the Irish population. It was disestablished as the state church in 1869. The church has about 410,000 members (1999), with its main strength in Northern Ireland.
This page is a List of Church of Ireland Dioceses. The Church of Ireland's diocesan system is based on the 900-year-old boundaries drawn set up by a series of mediaeval conferences, notably the Synod of Rathbreasail and the Synod of Kells-Mellifont. However, over the centuries numerous dioceses have merged, especially in view of declining membership in the twentieth century, and the four previous provinces consolidated into two.

Present-day dioceses

In the Province of Armagh (more formally United Province of Armagh and Tuam):

In the Province of Dublin (more formally United Province of Dublin and Cashel):

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