Iran Khodro

Iran Khodro

IKCO or Iran Khodro Company (or Iran Khodro Industrial Group) is the largest autoproducer of Iran. Founded in 1910 by two brothers, Ahmad and Mahmoud Khayami, the company's old name was Iran National.


Iran Khodro produces Iran's first national car, the Samand, which is based on the Peugeot 405 platform. The firm has a long-term relationship with PSA Peugeot Citroën, and assembles a number of Peugeot models under licence from the French firm. It also makes trucks and buses under license from Mercedes-Benz.

For more than 3 decades, Iran Khodro produced the Paykan (a version developed by Rootes Group's Hillman Hunter). Paykan's production was discontinued in 2005, almost thirty years after the end of Hillman Hunter production in Britain. A pick-up version is still in production.

In a joint-venture with Daimler AG, Iran Khodro is soon to start production of sophisticated 900-class Mercedes-Benz engines; Daimler stresses that the company will export Iran-made engines to Germany.

Current passenger car range

Future passenger cars

In July 2008 Iran Khodro's CEO Manouchehr Manteqi announced the Iranian auto giant's goal of designing and mass producing more national cars, in the upcoming years.

Models currently under development:

  • second national car codenamed X12
  • popular car for Islamic countries
  • two sedans currently under joint development with French Auto-maker Peugeot

These models are said to be marketed by 2009-2010.

In October 2008 IKCO announced that it would start producing a car specially designed for women, though no date was given for its availability.


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