Invincible Ed

Invincible Ed

Invincible Ed is the debut graphic novel written and illustrated by Ryan Woodward who has worked on such film projects as Space Jam, The Iron Giant, Osmosis Jones, and Spider Man 2. Invincible Ed was originally released by Summertime Books, Woodward's own publishing company. The entire four issue miniseries was released later by Dark Horse Comics in 2004.

Plot summary

When the Council of Galaxies decides that earth is on the path of self-destruction it acts by sending an alien sociologist named Nod. Nod is commanded to go to planet Earth to choose a worthy human to receive the power of "the right". Nod tries to explain to the council that even he, an Earth specialist, cannot tell whether someone is worthy to receive "the right" or not. Nonetheless, the council sends him to earth with a green orb that delivers the power of "the right" to the first human to look into it.

Nod picks a football playing bully named Lance Lundgrin from Chesterton High to become Earth's champion. Having accidentally blown Lance's bookbag up in Science class earlier in the day, Ed reluctantly meets him in the locker room after school for what he assumes will be a severe beating. Lance decides not to beat Ed to a pulp but does decide to make him spend the night in his locker. As Lance opens the locker, both he and Ed look at the orb that was placed there by Nod at the same time. We see Nod say that the orb isn't intended for more than one person. Then, Lance, assuming this was another attempt by Ed to finish him off, puts up his arms and shoots out a beam that sends Ed flying through a brick wall.

A crowd gathers as Ed stands up and tries to convince everyone that he is OK. Ed stumbles into the street and is hit by an 18-wheeler that sends him through the windshield of a parked car which then explodes. As Ed (in an amazing amount of pain but otherwise unharmed) is able to stumble out of the fiery wreckage he realizes something special has happened to him.

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