Inverness Blitz

Inverness Blitz

The Inverness Blitz is a charity leading the development and organisation of American Football in Inverness and the surrounding area. Its goals are to increase public participation in sport and to improve community spirit and citizenship through the use of American Football.

The Blitz runs American Football programmes, projects and leagues in the local area as well as supporting the Highland Wildcats squads. The Wildcats are the performance level teams representing the Blitz and compete at a UK level. The Blitz also encompasses cheerleading, strength and conditioning and provides physiotherapy and osteopathy treatment.


Blitz development is currently funded by the Big Lottery Fund. The Big Lottery Fund distributes half of all National Lottery good cause funding across the UK. The Fund aims to enable others to make real improvements to the lives of disadvantaged people and the well-being of communities, through fair and open funding of people, projects and programmes. With the funding received from the Big Lottery Fund the Inverness Blitz employs a full-time development officer (line managed by the Blitz committee) to co-ordinate and implement the organisation's long term development plan.

Coupled with the support received from the Big Lottery Fund, the Inverness Blitz has teamed up with ProjectScotland. Together the Blitz and ProjectScotland provide placement opportunities for young people to work as part of the Blitz Development team. At any one time there are normally around 2-3 full-time assistant development officer working to develop the Inverness Blitz.


Inverness Blitz have a number of facilities in the city of Inverness.

Practice facility

The Inverness Blitz Practice facility is located at Queens Park, Bught Drive. it is situated next to Coaching Highland and the Highland Institute of Sport. There are two portable cabins used for changing and white meetings. There are also two metal storage containers where equipment can be stored on-site. Close by there is a half gridiron field—or three flag football fields—located behind Queens Park Stadium.

The Gridiron

This is a game field used by the Highland Wildcats (a member team of the Inverness Blitz). It is 100 yards in length and 53.3 yards wide with goal posts at each end. It is located at the Bught Park opposite the stadium on the river side.

Weights room

The weights room is located in the Inverness College Longman Campus. Changing rooms and shower facilities are available. It has areas that are used for lifting free weights. There are Olympic bars with rubber olympics discs and bumper training discs. The weights room also has a sound system for playing music, an office and treatment room, and classroom that can seat around 25-30 people.

Development Office

Located in the Inverness College, Longman Campus, the Blitz development office provides access to a wide range of office equipment, a meeting area and research/learning resources.


The history of The Inverness Blitz dates back to 1999. The Inverness Blitz today is in fact a child of two NFFL (Ness Flag Football League) teams - The Inverness Blitz, and the popular Inverness Stars. The merger was essential for a bright future of American Football in the north of Scotland, though resentment still exists amongst many Inverness Stars supporters as to the loss of identity of the team's name while the Blitz name was kept. Notable players for the Inverness Stars include "Specky" Stewart, and "Wee" Martin.


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