Inverness (provincial electoral district)

Inverness (provincial electoral district)

Inverness is a provincial electoral district on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada, that elects one member of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly.

Its Member of the Legislative Assembly since 1999 is Rodney J. MacDonald of the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia. MacDonald has been Premier of Nova Scotia since 2006.

The electoral district was created in 1993 and used to consist of most of Inverness North and Inverness South.

Members of the Legislative Assembly

Election results

|- |Progressive Conservative |Rodney MacDonald |align="right"|7404 |align="right"|70.47 |align="right"| |- |Liberal |Mary MacLennan |align="right"|1627 |align="right"|15.49 |align="right"| |- |New Democratic Party |Tim Murphy |align="right"|1342 |align="right"|12.77 |align="right"| |- |Green Party |John G. Gibson |align="right"|133 |align="right"|1.27 |align="right"| |}

|- |Progressive Conservative |Rodney MacDonald |align="right"|5398 |align="right"|51.19 |align="right"| |- |Liberal |Debbie Gillis |align="right"|3871 |align="right"|36.71 |align="right"| |- |New Democratic Party |Tim Murphy |align="right"|1277 |align="right"|12.11 |align="right"| |}

|- |Progressive Conservative |Rodney MacDonald |align="right"|3876 |align="right"|42.89 |align="right"| |- |Liberal |Charles MacDonald |align="right"|3527 |align="right"|39.27 |align="right"| |- |New Democratic Party |Roy Yipp |align="right"|1612 |align="right"|17.84 |align="right"| |}

|- |Liberal |Charles MacDonald |align="right"|4396 |align="right"|47.8 |align="right"| |- |New Democratic Party |Maria Coady |align="right"|2274 |align="right"|24.7 |align="right"| |- |Progressive Conservative |Randy MacDonald |align="right"|1951 |align="right"|21.2 |align="right"| |- | |Independent |Ed MacDonald |align="right"|569 |align="right"|6.2 |align="right"| |}

|- |Liberal |Charles MacArthur |align="right"|5804 |align="right"| |align="right"| |- |Progressive Conservative |Frank Crowdis |align="right"|2944 |align="right"| |align="right"| |- |New Democratic Party |Mary T. Godwin |align="right"|902 |align="right"| |align="right"| |}

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