Intrigue and Love

Intrigue and Love

Intrigue and Love (or sometimes Love and Intrigue), (German, Kabale und Liebe), is a play, written by the German dramatist and writer Friedrich Schiller and first performed on 15 April 1784 in Frankfurt, and then two days later on 16 April 1784 in the National Theatre in Mannheim in Schiller's presence.

The play was a massive success, running in Berlin, and banned in Stuttgart. It appeared in print in 1784 in Mannheim; an English translation was released in 1795, and a French version followed in 1799.

Schiller had started work on the play in 1782, using the working title Luisa Miller; later, Giuseppe Verdi used that title for his opera based on the play. Another opera, by Gottfried von Einem, used Schiller's original title.

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