Interval Research

Interval Research Corporation

Interval Research Corporation was founded in 1992 by Paul Allen and David Liddle, computer industry veterans. It was a Palo Alto laboratory and technology incubator focusing on broadband applications and services

A 1997 version of the company's web page described itself as "a research setting seeking to define the issues, map out the concepts and create the technology that will be important in the future.... [pursuing] basic innovations in a number of early-stage technologies and [seeking] to foster industries around them -- sparking opportunity for entrepreneurs and highlighting a new approach to research." A 1999 Wired Magazine article based on a memo from Paul Allen described the company as under fire from Allen to produce "less R and more D." Interval Research Corporation officially closed its doors in April 2000, while a small group of former employees were kept on to form Interval Media to continue a few specific projects. Interval Media was closed in June, 2006. As of June 2008, the domain registration was maintained by Digeo, another Paul Allen company.

Former employees

During its brief existence, Interval employed many well-known computer technology pioneers, including:

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