Interurban streetcars in Southern New England

Interurban streetcars in Southern New England

Southern New England at one time had a large network of interurban streetcar lines. It was possible to go from New York City to Boston completely using these lines, with a choice of route (via Providence, Rhode Island or Springfield, Massachusetts). These routes matched the earlier split between Lower and Upper Boston Post Roads and the pre-1999 split of Amtrak's Acela Regional service (no longer through via Springfield).

Nowadays, the only services that come close to the definition of an interurban are the Green Line D (Riverside) branch and the Ashmont-Mattapan High Speed Line, both in the Boston area.

New York to Boston

The following lines carried passengers between New York City and New Haven, Connecticut:

These lines connected New Haven to Providence, Rhode Island:

These lines continued from Providence to Boston, Massachusetts:


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