Intermountain Power Agency

Intermountain Power Agency

The Intermountain Power Agency located in Utah is responsible for running the Intermountain Power Project near Delta, Utah, a coal fired power plant capable of generating 1800 megawatts. The IPA also runs transmission lines to Mona, Utah, to Adelanto, California and near Ely, Nevada.

About 75 percent of the generated power is purchased by cities in southern California and the remainder is purchased by cities, cooperatives and Pacificorp in Utah and a cooperative in Nevada. The plant employs about 500 people and contributes significantly to the Millard County, Utah economy.

Recently, the IPA and the Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems have filed a law suit against the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power for trying to prevent a third coal fired unit at the IPP generation site due to carbon dioxide emissions concerns.

The third unit of the Intermountain Power Project, a 900 megawatt unit is currently scheduled to go online around 2012.

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