InterFM (JODW-FM 76.1 MHz Tokyo) is a commercial radio station on the Frequency Modulation (FM), transmitting in the Greater Tokyo area (include Narita International Airport), owned and operated by the English-languaged broadsheet newspaper The Japan Times, and TV Tokyo Broadband

It is the key station of MegaNet.


InterFM, is "Tokyo's Number One Music Station." Since its inception has consistently been struggling to increase its ratings in a staid market. InterFM boasts as being one of today's top FM radio station in Tokyo.

This high-powered FM station uses English as a commonly spoken language, with the Public Service Announcement segments aired in Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, Indonesian, Spanish, Thai, Portuguese, and French to better serve the International community in the Tokyo Metropolitan area and its vicinity, not to mention news and other information bits in Japanese that the locals will find convenient.

70% of its airtime is dedicated to the music manufactured and played Worldwide whilst, the remaining 30% goes to Japanese pop and rock music selected in large part by a committee.

InterFM claims to be mirroring American FM radio style and this claim is consistent with stations in networks such as Clear Channel in the United States.

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