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intelitek is a joint venture of Eshed Robotec and Light Machines.


Since their establishment in 1982, both Eshed Robotec and Light Machines, were pioneers in the design and manufacturing of training equipment for Robotics and CNC.

In 1983, Eshed and Light Machines introduced the Scorbot-ER3 robot and the SpectraLight CNC machine. The main goal was to teach robotics and CNC in schools, universities and colleges using low cost and safe equipment, providing the framework for learning their operation, programming and maintenance.

Nowadays intelitek provides for educational and training institutions, comprehensive solutions comprising more than 100 courses for teaching Advanced Manufacturing. Intelitek’s (blended) solutions include hardware, 3D simulation software and interactive animated content which students can access via the internet or through their schools LAN/WAN.

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