Inssider is a Wi-Fi network scanner for Windows.


The project was started because Network Stumbler hasn't been actively developed for years. MetaGeek heard complaints that NetStumbler doesn't work with Windows Vista and 64-bit Windows XP, so they decided to build an open-source Wi-Fi network scanner designed for the current generation of Windows operating system.


This project was started by Charles Putney on The Code Project. Norman Rasmussen modified the project to use the Managed Wi-Fi C# wrapper for the Native Wi-Fi API.


  • Works with internal Wi-Fi radio
  • Wi-Fi network information (SSID, MAC, data rate, signal strength, security, etc)
  • Graph signal strength over time
  • Open source (Apache License, Version 2.0)

System Requirements

  • Windows XP SP2 with .NET 2.0, or Vista
  • 1024 x 768 Resolution or greater

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