Insectivorous (album)

Insectivorous (album)

Insectivorous is an album by MC Lars, released under the name Lars Horris in the summer of 2000. It was the last album Lars released before adding an "MC" before his name, and was the last official release on Noseman Records. It had a limited run of 200 copies, and was sold primarily to Lars' Stevenson School and freshmen classmates at Stanford University.

Track listing

  1. "Insectivorous"
  2. "The Séance at Harpers Ferry"
  3. "They Call Me Lars"
  4. "What We Came to Do"
    • Featuring Robbie Raw
  5. "Donald"
  6. "Lizards in My Room"
  7. "Freak Me Baby (All Night Long)"
  8. "Justified Animosity"
  9. "Hide the Hamsters"
  10. "Titus' Cookbook"
  11. "My Demented Dimension"
  12. "Freestyle Flow"
    • Featuring B
  13. "Flying Chaucer"
  14. "We Could Have Sex on the Lawn"
  15. "Remedial Electronic Subversion"

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