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List of minor Star Wars Imperial characters

The following is a list of minor fictional Star Wars characters who are affiliated with the Galactic Empire.

Aran Cho

Aran Cho came from a family of strict military officers and received his commission into the Imperial army at a young age. His strategic skill is considered legendary, as well as the motivation of the troops under his command.

Aran Cho is a male human that stands just above 2 meters tall(6 feet). He has short, black hair and a thin face. He rarely smiles. His uniform is always very neat and makes him the image of the perfect imperial officer.

Ashen, General Tal

General Tal Ashen was an Imperial general during the Rebel invasion of Coruscant. He commanded the Imperial Palace, but was ultimately defeated when his AT-AT was destroyed. he died in the destruction of the imperial palace in his AT-AT. He was noted by Han Solo to be a "slick Imperial".

Avarik, Corporal

Corporal Avarik is a stormtrooper who appeared in the movie Return of the Jedi. Avarik was assigned as part of speeder bike unit to monitor the activities of the Yuzzum creatures on the forest moon of Endor. He was presumably captured by the Rebel Alliance. Avarik was one of the many Star Wars characters featured in the Star Wars Customizable Card Game by Decipher.


Chief Bast (simply known as "Commander #1" in the official credits) was an Imperial Officer and a personal aide to Grand Moff Tarkin stationed aboard the first Death Star. He appeared in the movie Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Like General Tagge, Chief Bast feared that the Rebels might find an exploitable weakness in the purloined plans for the battle station. However, he was unable to convince Grand Moff Tarkin of the danger. He died while aboard the Death Star during its destruction.

The Star Wars Holiday Special features Chief Bast serving under Darth Vader during the Imperial occupation of Kashyyyk in re-used footage originally from A New Hope. While Leslie Schofield is the actor in the scene, this is not intended to be Chief Bast, who clearly had no time to escape the Death Star destruction based on the scene he appeared in with Tarkin, but is intended to be another officer.

Blim, Geff

Lieutenant Geff Blim was the short, fat Imperial lieutenant who served as Carnor Jax's personal assistant and secret assassin. Deadly with a dagger and a skilled sniper in his own right, Blim was tasked by Jax with eliminating his enemies who opposed his creation of the Imperial Interim Ruling Council. He later accompanied Jax and General Wessel to Phaeda to hunt for the traitorous Imperial Royal Guardsman, Kir Kanos, and later to Yinchorr where Jax instructed him to snipe Kanos during their ensuing confrontation. Before Blim could do so however, he was shot in the head by Sish Sadeet.


Lieutenant Cabbel was an Imperial officer serving aboard the Star Destroyer Tyrant. He informed Captain Lennox of the approaching Rebel transport, prompting Lennox to exclaim, "Good. Our first catch of the day." He was a new imperial chief fresh out of officers candidates school. It is very likely that, like Lennox, Cabbel would also participate in the Battle of Endor.

Cass, Officer

Officer Cass was one of the Imperial officers serving aboard the first Death Star. He was present during the meeting where Darth Vader choked Admiral Motti with the Force, and later came in to inform Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin that Dantooine had the remains of a Rebel base. He was presumably killed when Luke Skywalker destroyed the Death Star during the Battle of Yavin.

Dorja, Captain

Dorja was a starship captain and officer in the Imperial Starfleet. The seventh in a line of starship commanders from Coruscant, Dorja was a conservative officer and extremely cautious commander, often to the point of avoiding direct engagement. Dorja was likely the father of Imperial officer Vana Dorja, as she was the daughter of a Star Destroyer captain.

After receiving command of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Relentless, Dorja saw action against an uprising on Gerrard V.

At the Battle of Endor, Dorja commanded his ship against the Rebel Alliance fleet. While his contemporaries viewed Dorja's caution as a lack of initiative, that very care allowed Relentless to escape the battle unscathed. Dorja remained with Pellaeon after the battle, although he was skeptical of Pellaeon's assumption of command, believing himself to be the proper savior of the fleet.

The emergence of Grand Admiral Thrawn provided Dorja a new opportunity to prove his worth, although after openly criticizing Thrawn and Pellaeon, Dorja was assigned secondary roles such as the assault on New Cov, part of Thrawn's plan to capture the Ukio system, and a supporting role in the Battle of Bilbringi. Dorja survived the conflict and several other Imperial defeats, proving that his caution was no detriment. In fact, Dorja was one of the few starship captains who had retained control of his Star Destroyer in the decade following Thrawn's defeat.

In 19 ABY, Dorja was recruited by Moff Disra for the dubious task of intercepting Pellaeon at Morishim. By appealing to Dorja's Imperial loyalty and pride, Disra hoped to sway the elderly captain into killing Pellaeon and preventing his attempts at peace with the New Republic, but Dorja was skeptical of Disra's intentions and questioned his authority to command fleet movements beyond his sector. The appearance of Flim as Thrawn was enough to sway Dorja, though, and he left for Morishim. It was there that the Relentless intercepted Pellaeon's courier, Colonel Meizh Vermel, and transported him to Rimcee Station. Days before the signing of the Bastion Accords, Dorja, under orders of Flim and Disra, took the Relentless to Yaga Minor where Pellaeon and the Chimaera intercepted the Star Destroyer, putting an end to Disra's plans.

Dorja's fate after the defeat of Disra is unknown.



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Captain Dunwell is a fictional character appearing in the novel The Glove of Darth Vader.

Captain Dunwell was an insane and dangerous human commander of the Whaladon hunting submarin that stalked the seas of Mon Calamari. He wore a blue uniform and had a penchant for displaying his gaudgy old medals as often as he could whilst wearing his uniform and is described as having a neatly trimmed white beard. The dashing captain's obsession with capturing the Whaladon leader Leviathor, however, ruins this image he has created for himself.


Colonel Dyer was one of the officers stationed in the Imperial control bunker on Endor. He was killed when Han Solo hit him with an explosive charge (that didn't detonate) and knocked him into the shield generator's power generator complex. His part was played by Return of the Jedi's special effects supervisor.


Sergeant Major Enfield was a Death Star trooper stationed aboard the first Death Star. He appeared in the movie Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. He was in charge of the troops in Detention Block AA 23, and was present when Darth Vader interrogated Princess Leia Organa. Presumably he was killed in the shootout when Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and Han Solo attempted to free the Princess, although he never appears onscreen.

Felth, Davin

Davin Felth is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe. He appears in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. He is seen several times in the film, his only line being: "Look, sir! Droids!" He is also the main character in the story "When The Desert Wind Turns: A Stormtrooper's Tale" in the book Tales From the Mos Eisley Cantina, which relates much of the Tatooine section of A New Hope from the stormtroopers' perspective.

Davin Felth enthusiastically entered the Imperial Academy as an eighteen-year old; however, within just thirty seconds of arriving at the academy his enthusiasm vanished. Despite the myriad discomforts of being at the academy, Davin excelled and was placed with other top cadets in Colonel Veers' special program for an All-Terrain Armoured (AT-AT) Transport detachment and Davin was one of very few who managed to complete the AT-AT training program.

During a dry run, for which he was placed in command of an AT-AT, his transport came under attack by four fighter craft. Resisting panic and planning a brilliant strategy, Davin and his crew managed to destroy the four craft and discovered shortly after that these craft had been part of a simulation designed to test the AT-AT commanders abilities. Colonel Veers pulled Davin aside from the others following this test and questioned his tactics, where Davin revealed the fundamental flaws in the design of the AT-AT.

Instead of rewarding Davin, however, Colonel Veers immediately assigned him to a stormtrooper unit that was being sent to the backwater planet of Tatooine. Davin was given the designation 1023, since Stormtroopers are never referred to by name. Upon reaching the system, his unit was ordered to find an escape pod launched during the capture of the Tantive IV. After hours and hours of searching the arrid terrain and one false alarm, it was Davin who found the escape pod and moments later found some evidence of its occupants, finding a piece of what appeared to be protocol droid. "Look sir, Droids", he said to Captain Terrik, and the search then began for the droid or droids.

Zeta Unit followed the footprints that had clearly come from a protocol droid, which eventually led them to a Jawa Sandcrawler. Davin and the others ransacked the crawler, slaughtering its owners, and discovered that they had sold an old protocol droid and an R2 unit to a moisture farmer by the name of Owen Lars. Terrick ordered the sandcrawler's destruction and evidence was put into place to suggest that it had been the activities of Tusken Raiders that had caused the slaughter. But within, Davin's heart was heavy, as he hadn't joined the Empire to mindlessly slaughter innocent people and place the blame on others.

Davin and the rest of Zeta Unit boarded a set of cargo skiffs and set a course for the moisture farm the Jawas had told them about. Once they arrived there, Davin and a team were assigned to ransack the moisture farm in search of the droids and during questioning, Owen Lars committed the unthinkable act of spitting on Captain Terrick. Davin knew and feared as to what would follow and as he and the rest of Alvien Squad boarded the skiff and set a course to Mos Eisley with his team, he did his best to block out the sounds and screams of the devastation Terrick visited upon both the Lars and the Moisture Farm.

Upon arriving at Mos Eisley's Spaceport, Draz and Zeta Squad's assignment were to search all docking bays and habitations door-to-door. During the patrol, Davin and his team-mate, 1047, responded to the sounds of cries and sceams emanating from the nearby Chalmun's Cantina. Davin inspected the bar, seeing only an old man and a young boy, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary and so Davin continued his search of Mos Eisley. A short time after this, a crazed Jawa made an unsuccessful attempt to attack Davin and his team-mate, and 1047 responded by shooting the Jawa dead.

Later on that same day, a call came through the comlink ordering all the troopers to Docking Bay 94 where the droids had apparently been tracked to, escaping aboard an old YT-1300 freighter (the Millennium Falcon). During the firefight that ensued, Davin once again spotted the old man and the young boy that he had seen in the bar, this time accompanied not only by the two droids he and the others had been seeking, but also a human and a Wookiee. He asked himself how these few harmless-looking individuals could have caused the Empire all this effort and trouble. Davin observed that Captain Terrick was drawing in on the individuals and was sure to kill them and so in the ensuing chaos of an explosion of rubble from above them, Davin killed Captain Terrick. Deciding that he was trapped within the Empire, he hoped to build a better future for himself by leaking information to the Rebellion.


Commander Gherant was the deck officer of the Super Star Destroyer Executor in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. He was the second Imperial officer aboard the Executor with Admiral Piett during the Battle of Endor, and died with Piett when Arvel Crynyd flew his A-Wing into the Super Star Destroyer's bridge, causing it to smash into the second Death Star.


Captain-Supervisor Grammel was the Imperial officer in charge of the Imperial mining colony on Circarpous V. Although he had earned a reputation for being a ruthless and sadistic commander with a love of torturing prisoners, he proved utterly unable to apprehend Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa when they came to Circarpous. Following his first failed attempt to capture the two Rebels, Moff Essada called in Darth Vader. Vader took command of Grammel's troops and executed the officer for his failure to capture Skywalker and Organa, slicing him in half with his lightsaber.


Corporal Grenwick (simply known as "Death Star Trooper" in the official credits) was a Death Star trooper stationed aboard the first Death Star. He appeared in the movie Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. He was Enfield's tactical advisor and coordinated the service schedule Detention Block AA 23, and was present when Darth Vader interrogated Princess Leia Organa. Presumably he was killed in the shootout when Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and Han Solo attempted to free the Princess, although he never appears onscreen.

Griff, Amise

Admiral Amise Griff is the commander originally charged with the development and construction of the Super class of Star Destroyer. He does not appear in any of the six Star Wars movies, but is a key early Imperial officer in the Expanded Universe. In the Expanded Universe, it is revealed that Griff was killed at Yavin 4 during the Rebel evacuation. Overeager to catch the Rebels as they fled, he brought his fleet out of hyperspace too close to Darth Vader's flagship, the Executor, colliding with the Super Star Destroyer. Griff was killed and his ships destroyed; the Executor suffered no apparent damage.

Grond, Lieutenant

Lieutenant Grond was once a member of the Emperor's Demonstration Team, and aided Colonel Dyer in the Battle of Endor. His fate is unknown, but it is likely that he died in that battle.


Admiral Harkov is an Imperial admiral who is a major character in the first half of the computer game Star Wars: TIE Fighter. He is one of the Imperial admirals responsible for bringing peace to the Outer Rim. Among other accomplishments, he brings an end the Sepan Civil War.

At the end of the first campaign, it is revealed that Harkov is intending to defect to the Rebel Alliance, for an unspecified (though presumably large) sum of money. Throughout the first two campaigns, the player character discovers evidence of Imperial arms and equipment in the hands of pirates, and in the possession of both sides of the Sepan Civil War. Harkov has been reporting shortages of the same equipment, providing a link that he is illegally selling arms to the highest bidder (even enemies of the Empire).

Aware that the Empire has discovered the evidence of his misdeeds, Harkov prepares a trap for the player character, Maarek Stele, and tries to set him up for treason. The Secret Order of the Emperor comes to his aid and begins searching for Harkov to prevent his escape. Harkov's Star Destroyer is spotted near a Rebel base, where Harkov is eventually captured while trying to flee. His flagship, the Victory-class Star Destroyer Protector, disappears into the Outer Rim. Harkov himself is taken to Darth Vader, who kills him during the interrogation.

The Protector is spotted a short time later taking on supplies at another Rebel supply depot. It attempts to trap the forces sent to destroy it, but is destroyed along with the Rebel Light Calamari Cruiser Warhawk, and Harkov's Nebulon-B Frigate Akaga. During the climax of the battle, Grand Admiral Zaarin launches his coup d'état when his reinforcements begin attacking the loyal Imperial Forces attempting to destroy the Protector.

Igar, Commander

Commander Igar was an Imperial officer from the planet Kuat, stationed on the forest moon of Endor. He is the one who brought Luke Skywalker to Darth Vader after the Jedi "surrendered." The commander then continued searching for Rebels on the forest moon.

Jerjerrod, Moff

Moff Jerjerrod was the Imperial officer supervising the construction of the second Death Star high over the forest moon of Endor. Jerjerrod was in the unenviable position of reporting the Death Star's progress to taskmaster superiors. When the construction fell behind schedule, Emperor Palpatine dispatched Darth Vader as his emissary to snap Jerjerrod's crews into shape. During the Battle of Endor, Jerjerrod commanded the Death Star's operational superlaser against the Rebel forces. The station was able to destroy several key Alliance cruisers in the conflict. Jerjerrod perished aboard the Death Star when the Rebels were able to detonate the station's reactor.

Jir, Daine

Lieutenant Daine Jir was a stormtrooper officer aboard the Star Destroyer Devastator. He was with Darth Vader following the capture of the Tantive IV and warned Vader that holding Princess Leia was dangerous and word of the attack on the Rebel ship could generate sympathy for the rebellion in the Imperial Senate. Unconcerned, Vader told Jir to leave that to him and informed the officer to send a distress signal and inform the Senate that everyone aboard the Tantive IV was killed. Was later believed to continue searching the ship for the Death Star plans. Later he was promoted to commander by Vader. It isn't known how his career went further.

Korrn, Telsi

Korrn Telsi is a character appointed by Chancellor Palpatine as the new Captain of the Guard (the Chancellor's, and later, the Emperor's personal bodyguard). The job appealed to Telsi's nature and was punctuated for him by his murder of the dying Kit Fisto shortly after he was appointed.

Telsi served the Emperor for years, right up until the destruction of the second Death Star.

Kritkeen, General Sinick

COMPNOR General Sinick Kritkeen was the planetary commander of Aruza during its subjugation by the Galactic Empire. However, in a bid for freedom, the enslaved Aruzans hired the bounty hunter Dengar to assassinate him. Coincidentally, Kritkeen bore a striking resemblance to Han Solo, and it was for this reason that Dengar rather enjoyed exterminating him, as he had a long-standing grudge against Solo.


Captain Lennox was the captain of the Star Destroyer Tyrant, one of the Imperial ships which participated in the Battle of Hoth. The Tyrant attempted to intercept the first escaping Rebel transport, and upon being informed by Lt. Cabbel of the ships, he said, "Good. Our first catch of the day." However the Tyrant was shot twice by the Rebels' ion cannon from the surface of Hoth, completely disabling it. The Tyrant then drifted helplessly off into space. Despite the setback, Lennox continued his career, and a year later was even present at the Battle of Endor.

Leth, Umak

Umak Leth was an Imperial commanding engineer who designed the Galaxy Gun for the reborn Emperor Palpatine, the World Devastators, the Universal Energy Cage (used to restrain Jedi aboard an Imperial dungeon ship), the SD-10 war droid, the Shadow Droids, and a number of other innovations. He was killed when Eclipse II rammed the Galaxy Gun. in 11 ABY

Malorum, Grand Inquisitor

In the Star Wars Expanded Universe, Malorum was the first Grand Inquisitor appointed to head the Inquisitorius, which was formed in the early days of the Galactic Empire to prosecute Order 66. Tall and imposing, Malorum wore a dark maroon robe, similar to that worn by Emperor Palpatine. Viewed as Lord Vader's "pet", Malorum was assigned to investigate the asteroid field of Polis Massa, searching for information about the late Padmé Amidala. Malorum was assisted in this by Boba Fett, who also worked with the Inquisitor during later investigations on Naboo. Malorum's time on Naboo was frustrating, as Queen Apailana and other Naboo politicians stonewalled and refused to give him the information he needed.

Eventually, Malorum was reassigned to Bellassa, where he worked as the chief of security, training ISB agents on the planet. Malorum became obsessed with hunting down the escaped fugitive and ex-Jedi Ferus Olin, enlisting the help of bounty hunters such as Boba Fett and D'harhan to help crush the Rebel uprising on Bellassa.

Malorum was then assigned to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. He set up his office in the former living quarters of Jedi Master Yoda. When stormtroopers captured Ferus, he interrogated him and asked him the name of the Jedi Ferus met on Bellassa. Ferus refused to talk, despite threats of execution.

Malorum went to Naboo to get answers on Padme's child. Her grandmother, Ryoo, knew nothing and he killed her. He fought Ferus in the Naboo energy core. In the end, he met the same fate as Darth Maul. He was succeeded by Laddinare Torbin.

Mohc, Rom

General Rom Mohc is an Imperial General in the Star Wars expanded universe. He takes part in the computer games Star Wars: Dark Forces and Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption He is the creator and leader of the Dark Trooper project.

He was also given minor appearances in the Dark Forces prequel novel Dark Forces: Soldier for the Empire, the Star Wars Tales comic "Sand Blasted". His backstory was expanded on in an RPG source article titled The Dark Forces Saga, Part 1

See also: Rom Mohc on Wookieepedia, a Star Wars wiki.

Moore, Sly

Sly Moore is a bald, white Umbaran political science scholar from Umbara in the heart of the Ghost Nebula and one of Chancellor Palpatine's personal aides.

She appears with Chancellor Palpatine and Mas Amedda in every movie of the prequel trilogy save for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace as Sei Taria occupied her position at that time. It is said that she killed Sei Taria to obtain her position as Administrator of the Republic.

Sly Moore remained a powerful force within the Imperial Senate representing the views of the Imperial Establishment; unfortunately, the Senate, though an Imperial institution, was sympathetic to the Rebellion and Sly Moore would later support the Emperor in his removal of the Imperial Senate.

Umbara receives very little radiation, even light. As such, like all Umbarans, Sly saw better in the ultraviolet spectrum. She disdained bright light and often worked in her office in complete darkness.

Sly Moore was one of several Lords and Baronesses in Waiting to the Emperor during the life of the Galactic Empire; others include Darth Vader, Princess Leia (though she was discovered to be a Rebel sympathiser) and the noble lords who accompanied Palpatine to the Death Star during the events depicted in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Sly Moore's fate after the destruction of the Empire is unknown.

Sly Moore was played by Australian Sandi Findlay. She keeps the bald hairstyle of her character in real life, believing hairlessness enhances a woman's beauty.

Motti, Admiral Conan Antonio

Admiral Conan Antonio Motti is one of the high ranking officers aboard the first Death Star. Extremely arrogant, he is one of many officers who were overconfident of the station's invulnerability, thinking that, even if the Rebels did obtain the complete schematics of the station, any assault will be completely futile. Motti does not even believe in the true power of the Force, thinking the Death Star to be far more powerful.

He dares to make his opinions known in front of Darth Vader during a meeting aboard the Death Star. Darth Vader personally changes his opinion by using a brief Force chokehold on him, releasing him only at the order of Grand Moff Tarkin.

In the Star Wars radio dramatization, Motti's role is expanded somewhat. The Admiral tries on two occasions to convince Grand Moff Tarkin that the ultimate power of the Death Star rests in his hands, not Vader's or the Emperor's. Tarkin could essentially share dominion of the galaxy, with Motti at his right hand, once the rebels are dealt with. It is not mentioned however, if Grand Moff Tarkin agreed with his second officer.

It is Motti who convinces Tarkin to stay on the Death Star during the rebels' attack from Yavin 4, pointing out that were he to evacuate his source of power, he would be seen as weak in his efforts to rule the galaxy.

Both Motti and Tarkin are killed when the Death Star is destroyed during the Rebel attack in the Battle of Yavin.

Early scripts of A New Hope shuffled the names of Admiral Motti and General Tagge. One draft describes Motti as being wounded and battle-scarred. He is curiously absent from the novelization of A New Hope, and there it's General Tagge who's the victim of Vader's telekinetic stranglehold, while Tagge's lines are given to a new officer named Romodi. Since Motti actually appears later on in the novel, this proves that he and Romodi are different characters. However, many fans continued to believe that Romodi is Motti's first name, at least until George Lucas finally awarded him the first name Conan after Conan O'Brien.

Needa, Captain Lorth

Captain Lorth Needa was the commander of the Star Destroyer Avenger during the Battle of Hoth. He informs Darth Vader that the Millennium Falcon has not appeared on their sensors for hours and tells him to consider the damage the Imperial fleet had sustained. Earlier, the Avenger had pursued the Falcon from Hoth. However, the Falcon outmaneuvered the Star Destroyer and caused it to collide with another ship. Both ships escaped with minimal damage.

While pursuing the Millennium Falcon out of the asteroid field near Hoth, the Rebel ship vanishes (Han Solo actually cuts power and lands on a blind spot on the Imperial ship's conning tower). Seconds later, Vader demands an update on the pursuit. Needa orders his ship to rendezvous with the Super Star Destroyer Executor in order to apologize to the Dark Lord personally. On the bridge of the Executor, Vader swiftly kills him with a Force chokehold, after which Vader coldly replies, "Apology accepted, Captain Needa."

Needa is survived by his first cousin Virar Needa despite the fact many of Lorth Needa's relatives are purged from the Imperial military following his execution, allegedly due to Needa's Rebel sympathies. Needa's death also causes great fear in Admiral Piett, who recently watched his own commander, Admiral Ozzel die at Vader's hand.

In Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith twenty-two years before his death, Lieutenant Commander Needa, then a Galactic Republican military officer, parleys with General Grievous after Count Dooku's death, granting Grievous an opportunity to surrender, an opportunity the general refused. He was one of the Republic commanders during the Battle of Coruscant. These scenes are in the novelization of Revenge of the Sith, but were cut from the film.

Needa is portrayed in the movie Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back by actor Michael Culver.

Otto, General

Although fanatically loyal to the Emperor, the overzealous General Otto lost a number of key battles to Rebel Forces during the early days of the Galactic Civil War. If not for his friendship with Admiral Motti, Otto would have perished at Darth Vader's hands. Fortunately, Motti quietly shipped Otto to a small outpost on Lok where he hoped the general would remain unnoticed.

Lok was not Otto's vision of paradise: the general always dreamed of retiring to a luxury apartment on Cloud City. In search of his dream, Otto deserted the Empire, stealing a transport and AT-ST in the process. Now wanted by Imperial forces, the battle-hardened general entered Jabba the Hutt's vehicle demolition contest in hopes of winning enough credits to purchase his retreat on Bespin.

Praji, Commander

Commander Praji was a stormtrooper officer on board the Star Destroyer Devastator. Vader told him to send a detachment down to the surface of Tatooine to retrieve an escape pod that was launched during the battle. However, he sent a lower ranking stormtrooper officer, Captain Kosh to lead that detachment. Upon the failure to catch the droids, he took full responsibility and was not defeated by the loss, apologizing personally to Vader. Impressed by Praji's businesslike professionalism, Vader spared the commander's life.

Rebus, Moff

Moff Rebus is an Imperial weapons specialist, responsible for creating the weapon used by the Dark Trooper in the Star Wars video game Dark Forces. He is captured by rebel mercenary Kyle Katarn. Despite subsequent interrogation by the Rebel Alliance, he revealed very little about the Empire's secret project.


Romodi was an Imperial officer stationed aboard the first Death Star. The battle-scarred veteran warned that until the Death Star was fully operational, they were vulnerable to the starfleet of the Rebel Alliance. He often butted heads with General Tagge.

Romodi only appears in the Death Star meeting scene in the novelization of A New Hope, replacing Admiral Motti. The character has not appeared in any Expanded Universe medium before or since, and some have conjectured that "Romodi" is in fact Motti's first name, although that isn't true.


Sarkli is a character in the video game Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike. In the game, he is the nephew of Admiral Piett. He first appears as a Rebel pilot under command of Luke Skywalker, and plays a role in rescuing General Jan Dodonna from Yavin 4, but later defects to the Empire. He is eventually killed in the shield generator on Endor during Battle of Endor.

Screed, Admiral Terrinald

Admiral Terrinald Screed was the Emperor's right-hand man during the early days of the Empire. He was a no-nonsense military man, easily recognizable due to the electronic patch he wore over one eye. The droids R2-D2 and C-3PO had various encounters with Screed during this period of time. It is unknown what's happened to him since then.

Seerdon, Grand Moff Kohl

Grand Moff Kohl Seerdon is a character in the game Star Wars: Rogue Squadron.

He was the Grand Moff of the Taloraan area. He attempted to blockade Chandrila's capitol city with walls. A great battle erupted between his forces and Rogue Squadron, by the end of which Rogue Squadron emerged victorius. Seerdon then sent his forces to Thyferra to destroy the Rebel Alliance's bacta facility. After his forces were destroyed, the moff engaged with Luke Skywalker in a fierce air duel in a customized Imperial landing craft. His shuttle exploded, instantly killing him.

Shev, Colonel Xexus

Colonel Xexus Shev was one of the Imperial officers who swore loyalty to Carnor Jax, following the death of Emperor Palpatine. Shev was in command of garrison stationed on Phaeda, but he was very corrupt and would often ignore illegal activity in exchange for bribes.

When he learned that Kir Kanos, sought by Carnor Jax as a traitor, had come to Phaeda to hide out from the Imperials, Shev leapt at the chance to get into Jax's good graces by capturing Kanos. However upon informing General Redd Wessel of Kanos' presence on Phaeda, Shev was ordered not to take any action against the former Imperial Royal Guardsman, lest he compromise Kanos' capture.

Nevertheless, when Shev was told by Tem Merkon that Kanos was with the Rebel faction that had dug in on Phaeda, Shev disregarded Jax's order to stand down and sent his entire army against the Rebels. Initially the battle went with Shev, until Kanos stepped in and singlehandedly turned back Shev's forces.

Sometime later, Shev met Carnor Jax as he disembarked from his shuttlecraft with General Wessel and Lt. Geff Blim. Shev's efforts to explain himself proved futile, and Jax removed the colonel from his command. He was then executed by Jax's Stormtroopers.

Suba, Lieutenant

Lieutenant Suba was the security chief and political officer aboard the Executor. He was disappointed with Darth Vader's unwillingness to simply kill Luke Skywalker. He was seen flanking Admiral Piett during Captain Needa's death, and later on when Vader asked Piett if his men deactivated the Millenium Falcon's hyperdrive and ordered the admiral to arrange for a boarding party with weapons set for stun to capture everyone onboard the Falcon seconds before it took off at lightspeed.

Tagge, General Cassio

General Cassio Tagge is a character in the Star Wars universe who appears in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. General Tagge is commander of all Army forces stationed aboard the Death Star. He is referred to in dialogue as "Commander", however this is most likely a positional title (i.e. Commander of Ground Forces) since post-production publications have indicated Tagge's rank as High General.

Tagge makes an appearance in the Death Star conference room early in Episode IV, sternly protesting that the Rebel Alliance is an underestimated foe and that the group should be taken more seriously by the Imperial Navy. His objections are generally dismissed and the Death Star is later destroyed by the very same rebels to whom Tagge had warned could be a considerable danger.

In 1979, the character Ulric Tagge appeared aboard an "Imperial battle cruiser" after the destruction of the Death Star in Marvel Comics's "Return to Tatooine!" (Star Wars Vol. 1, No. 31). Although General Ulric Tagge never mentioned having been aboard the Death Star and bore little resemblance to the General Tagge seen in the film, they were assumed to be the same person (the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special revealed that at least one other Imperial officer, Chief Bast, had escaped the Death Star before its destruction, and it was more or less conjectured that Tagge and Bast had escaped together; more recently, in 2002, it was shown in LucasArts's Force Commander that Colonel Maximillian Veers had also escaped from the Death Star). In 1998, the Star Wars Encyclopedia stated that General Tagge had been killed when the Death Star was destroyed, drawing the identity of Ulric Tagge into question. The question was finally settled by Wizards of the Coast's 2004 Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds, which stated that Ulric was the youngest of the Tagge brothers, and that his brother Cassio Tagge was "a cautious, plodding strategist" who "died aboard the Death Star."

High General Cassio Tagge was the middle child in a family of five: his elder siblings were Orman, Baron Tagge, and Dr. Silas Tagge, and his two younger siblings were Major General Ulric Tagge and Sister Domina Tagge, of the Order of the Sacred Circle. They were members of the baronial House of Tagge, a distinguished and ancient noble house descended from one of the Founders of the Republic, and which held majority ownership of the Tagge Company (TaggeCo.), an enormous conglomerate with interests in nearly every aspect of the galactic economy. He was also the first of his siblings to die, soon followed by Orman and Silas (who was technically not dead but rather locked in suspended animation), leaving Ulric to inherit the title and control of the family interests.

In the credits of the film, Tagge is credited as "Commander Taggi", a spelling that is occasionally seen in some versions of the script and early materials in the Expanded Universe. This spelling (and title) has been almost entirely superseded, but gave rise to the mistaken belief that he was mentioned in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (the Emperor gives orders that a certain Captain Kagi should ready his ship, and the name Kagi was misheard as Taggi; the subtitles on the DVD of the film definitively settle the matter in favour of Kagi, an otherwise unknown character who is one of only five Imperial officers referred to by name on screen).

Early screenplays of A New Hope swapped the names of Tagge and Admiral Motti with little rhyme or reason, leading to notable confusion. In the novelization of the film's conference room scene, Motti is nowhere to be found so Tagge not only gets Motti's dialogue, but also gets choked by Darth Vader with the Force. The Marvel Comics adaptation of the film is even less clear, since Tagge in that version looks like Richard LeParmentier, who played Motti, and not Don Henderson, who played Tagge.

Teradoc, High Admiral

Teradoc is one of the leading warlords from after the fall of Emperor Palpatine and the Galactic Empire. He tried to fight against the New Republic for about seven years following the fall of the Empire and was a strong leader. After the fall of Thrawn, Gilad Pellaeon joined him. Teradoc believed that it better to make a fleet of smaller, Victory-class Star Destroyers. He was the one who attacked Supreme Warlord Harrsk while Admiral Daala was with him.

Daala then led the strike force against him, only to be met with a counter-attack (Teradoc was meanwhile hiding in his room). He destroyed Harrsk's flagship, Shockwave, with Daala's second in command, Kratas, in it. Daala saw him and the other warlords as children fighting over a childish squabble. While at a meeting with Daala about the uniting of the Empire, Daala saw that Teradoc and the other twelve warlords were unfit to continue fighting against the New Republic, and with the help of Vice-Admiral Pellaeon, let nerve gas come into the room, poisoning all thirteen warlords to continue fighting against the New Republic. Teradoc was the last one to be killed there. In Darksaber, Teradoc is portrayed as a fat person caring only for himself.

Terrik, Captain Mod

Captain Mod Terrik is a Sandtrooper squad leader based on the Imperial Star Destroyer Devastator. He was assigned to track down the Death Star plans hidden in R2-D2's databank. He was killed by Trooper Davin Felth during the gunfight with Han Solo as the Millennium Falcon escaped from Mos Eisley. Felth shot Terrik in the back due to a stroke of conscience over the Empire's methods in dealing with Tatooine natives like the Jawas and the Lars family in their pursuit of the droid.


TK-422 was a stormtrooper aboard the Death Star in 0BBY, a counterpart to the stormtrooper TK-421. He only appears very briefly in Episode IV, summoned up to the Millennium Falcon to "give a hand." Along with TK-421, he was shot in short order. His only orders had been to "Stand guard" while the scaning crew explored the Falcon. Han Solo then stole his armor and used it to walk freely in the Death Star.

TK-422 was an infantryman onboard the Death Star, and probably did not see much action except for practice drills and other training missions.Sources

Trigit, Apwar

Apwar Trigit (? — 8 ABY) was a former Imperial Starfleet officer who had allied himself with Warlord Zsinj. Apwar Trigit was a human who is described as having a lean body with gray hair encased in a self-designed black and silver uniform.

In 7 ABY Trigit left the Imperial Starfleet, following Iella Wessiri's killing of Ysanne Isard, taking with him his crew and his command ship, the Star Destroyer Implacable. He then promptly promoted himself to Admiral. With the help of Gara Pethrol, an Imperial intelligence agent, he planted false information and drew New Republic's Talon Squadron into a trap killing all but Myn Donos. After defeating the squadron, he tried destroying the settlement on Folor but was defeated by Wraith Squadron. Zsinj requested that Trigit pick up a small fleet of TIE Fighters from Pakkerd Light Transport which unbeknownst to him, was a trap. The Wrath Squadron attracted his Star Destroyer causing him to try and retreat after initiating a self destruct countdown. In just punishment, Trigit's TIE Interceptor was blown up by Myn Donos.

Unidentified headbumping stormtrooper

This stormtrooper served onboard the first Death Star in A New Hope. He was a Jango Fett clone. As part of a squad of stormtroopers that went in to investigate Docking Bay 327 upon finding it locked, this one bumped his head on the door on the way in due to his helmet's poor vision. C-3PO and R2-D2 were in the room, but they were thought to be Imperial property, and the troops left, but this stormtrooper was told to stand guard in the room. C-3PO requested to take R2-D2 into the maintenance department, and the stormtrooper allowed him. His exact fate is unknown, but it can be assumed he was one of the many Imperial personnel killed during the Battle of Yavin.

Venka, Lieutenant

Lieutenant Venka was a crewpit officer aboard the Executor. He informed Admiral Piett about a priority signal from the Avenger. Venka briefly served as captain of the Executor but got demoted of his rank and replaced by Captain Kallic.


Qorl is an old Tie Fighter Pilot and stormtrooper for the first death star. Qorl has broken limbs and body parts to him and his first known appearance is in the Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights series of books. He is a stormtrooper teacher in these books. Later, he appeared in the New Jedi Order Series as an ally during Anakin Solo's rescue of Tahiri Veila at the Jedi Academy from the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong.

Wallen, Sergeant

Wallen was a stormtrooper sergeant in the Galactic Empire. His unit was recommended to Commander Igar by Governor Yount of the Wakeelmui garrison. The sergeant, as well as another stormtrooper in his unit, escorted Luke Skywalker to the Death Star after he was turned in by the Commander. It isn't known if Wallen stayed on the Death Star, or remained on Endor. It also isn't known if he was able to survive the Battle of Endor, or whether he at all participated.

Wessel, General Redd

General Redd Wessel was the ambitious but stupid son of Moff Marcellin Wessel, an Imperial general who sought to aggrandize himself by pledging loyalty to one of the many squabbling Imperial warlords following the death of Emperor Palpatine. The man he chose to join up with was none other than Carnor Jax, the traitorous Imperial Royal Guardsman responsible for Palpatine's demise. Wessel's stupidity often displeased Jax. Wessel died aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Emperor's Revenge when it was destroyed by Jax's nemesis Kir Kanos.

Xux, Dr. Qwi

Dr. Qwi Xux appears in Kevin J. Anderson's novel, Jedi Search. She is a weapon desingner for the galactic empire. and at first dislikes Han Solo when he appears as prisoner at the Maw Installation, but then, grows to like Han Solo a little bit more when she tries to help him escape.

Zarien Kheev

Zarien Kheev is a Zabrak slaver in Star Wars working for the Galactic Empire. He enslaved the Twi'lek Rianna Saren and later cut off her lekku because she tried to escape. Eventually she did escape and ruined many of Kheev's assignments and eventually killed him with the help of a droid named Zeeo.

Star Wars: Lethal Alliance


Zorneth was an Ithorian who created and named the savorium herb.


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