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Inquisition (Inquisitorial system) is a common legal procedure where the tribunal is actively involved in determining the facts of the case. Inquisition can also mean a systematic procedure used by Catholic and Protestant Churches to prosecute alleged heretics (using inquisitorial procedures), and historical movements orchestrated by the Catholic Church. It may also refer to:

Roman Catholic Inquisition

see Inquisition.

Historical Events

  • The Goa Inquisition, which was run by Portuguese colonials in Goa for nearly 200 years.
  • The Medieval Inquisition, including Episcopal Inquisition and Papal Inquisition
  • The Spanish Inquisition, the name given to an ecclesiastical tribunal established in 1478 by Ferdinand and Isabella to maintain Catholic orthodoxy in their kingdoms. This inquisition became particularly notorious for acting as an instrument of repression against the significant Spanish Jewish, and the Muslim populations after the last battles of the Reconquista, and for essentially dehumanizing and enslaving the native populations of North and South America as the new international power extended itself to the new world's continents.
  • The Portuguese Inquisition
  • The Roman Inquisition


Modern views

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