Initao, Misamis Oriental

Initao, Misamis Oriental

Initao is a 4th class municipality in the province of Misamis Oriental, Philippines. According to the 2008 census, it has a population of 1,135,056 people in 10,702 households.

The bustling town thrives mostly on fishing and agricultural farming, however, different small business establishments have flourished making this town self-sustained in ways.

Skirted by Macajalar Bay. Snorkling and beach bumming is one of the ideal past time. Peace and order is not an issue. Meanwhile storms and other natural phenomina rarely bothers this small, bustlinng town.

All government offices are found in the "poblacion": that is the center of the town. And if you're out to search for a resedent feel free to ask any native in the town center, chances are someone knows that person and can even tell you where he lives.ʊ


  • Initao National Park is a 57 hectare natural forest with diverse flora and fauna. What makes this park unique is that the National Highway (Cagayan de Oro to Iligan) snakes through the forest. Check out also the various caves here. Go spelunking. (note: please have an experienced guide accompany you for the said activity.) You can also try fishing atop one of the boulders overlooking the blue sea. Just bring your own hooks and baits. Or you can also go swimming. As a great alternative you can also stay overnight. Just inform the park authorities. Don't fail to see also the split-nose bats nesting in one of the caves here.

A different variety of corrals dominate the underwater and a wide variety of fish can be found making home amidst it. Tourists interested in a snorkeling safari may set-up a tent or rent cottages located near the park.

  • Midway White Beach Resort is a known white sand beach located in Baranggay Tubigan a few minutes away from Initao National Park by jeepney. National conventions, other official and government functions as well as private weddings, family gatherings and celebrations are held here. A relaxing stay is guaranteed. Fruit stands are located just outside the gates, you can grab a basket or two to bring with you.

This resort sports pool whose waters are changed months at a time and a man-made island. There are sleeping quarters and private cottages for those who plan to stay overnight. There three known beaches in the Town aside from Midway White Beach, there's the adjacent Hapitanan (means "Drop-in" in local dialect) Beach, this beach is frequented by locals because of its cheap rates, you can even stay there without paying if you don't use any cottages as there is no entrance fee, and Don Arc (named after the owner Arc Poblete), or Emeralda Beach Resort located in barangay Pagahan.

Transportation and Communication

Initao can be reached by an hour plane from Manila to Cagayan de Oro then 45-minute bus ride west. Like any other towns the national Highway sneaks through it. You can go around town hailing a "sikad-sikad" or "motorboats", "jeepneys" or "motorcycles" to the far-flung baranggays.

There are no phonelines but transmitters or "cell sites" for all major providers like Globe, Smart and Sun, are active in the area. Internet access is also available. An internet cafe is open in the town public market, near the beach resorts.


  • Initao Central School is a government elementary school. There are elementary schools in almost every barangay in this town.
  • Initao National Comprehensive High School a public secondary school. This school boasts a huge playing field where soccer matches are held occasionally and soccer practice by local enthusiasts is held almost every afternoon.
  • Xavier High School is a Catholic school. Its teacher to student ratio is an ideal alternative to the sometimes overcrowded public high school.
  • Initao Community College is barely five years old. This school is recently revived and it is guaranteed to be a CHED recognized school. A night college, it shares its facilities with the INCHS. The courses offered are Bachelor in Secondary and Elementary Education, B.A. Public Administration, B.A. English, Hotel and Restaurant Management, and other two-year courses.


Initao is politically subdivided into 16 barangays.

  • Aluna
  • Andales
  • Apas
  • Calacapan
  • Gimangpang
  • Jampason
  • Kamelon
  • Kanitoan

  • Oguis
  • Pagahan
  • Poblacion
  • Pontacon
  • San Pedro
  • Sinalac
  • Tawantawan
  • Tubigan

Town-wide Celebrations

Initao is an old town and there is no clear history as to when it was founded and by home thus the only significant celebration this town celebrates is the town fiesta in honor of the Patron Saint Francis Xavier which is held every December 2 and 3 although the celebration stretches for a week.

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