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List of I-Schools

Schools of Information or iSchools are emergent academic programs committed to understanding the role of information in human endeavors and nature. The schools conduct research into the fundamental aspects of information and information technologies and into the relationships between people, information, and technology. ISchools educate new information professionals, researchers and scholars in order to provide leadership, scholarship and vision for our increasingly information-driven world.

In the US and Canada, 19 information schools have joined together to form the “I-School Project” (now the iSchool Caucus), which defines I-Schools as sharing a fundamental interest in “the relationship between information, technology and people.” These schools, colleges and departments have been newly created or are evolving from programs formerly focused on specific tracks such as information technology, library science, informatics, and information science.

I-Schools promote an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the opportunities and challenges of information management, with a core commitment to concepts like universal access and user-centered organization of information. The field is concerned broadly with questions of design and preservation across information spaces, from digital and virtual spaces like online communities and databases to physical spaces such as libraries, museums, collections, and other respositories. Many iSchools are former LIS programs or have a strong legacy in library studies.

Programs in information offer specializations in areas such as information architecture, design, policy, and economics; knowledge management, user experience design, and usability; preservation and conservation; librarianship and library administration; the sociology of information; and human-computer interaction and computer science.

The first ever I-School Conference was held in September 2005 at The Pennsylvania State University, with a second “i-Conference” in October 2006 at the University of Michigan, and the third "i-Conference" in February 2008 at the University of California, Los Angeles.

List of Schools of Information


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