Infant Terrible

Infant Terrible

Infant Terrible is a Marvel comics character. He first appeared in Fantastic Four #24.

Fictional character biography

Infant Terrible is an infant from a race of extra-terrestrial beings known as Elanians, who have almost-omnipotent powers. He eventually got lost and wandered on Earth, in New York City. Just wanting some fun, he accomplished deeds such as creating a giant milk bottle, summoning giant toy soldiers, ice cream, berries and soda pop. The Fantastic Four investigated this and found out he had the mind of a child, and nicknamed him "Infant Terrible", based on the French expression enfant terrible. Infant Terrible soon got tricked by a gangster called Big Joe into stealing some money from a bank. Causing ruckus and not being able to communicate with the Earthlings, he turned violent and caused even more damage... endangering the whole Earth as he tried to make the Sun squash the planet. Mister Fantastic finally managed to call for a neighboring alien spaceship which happened to have the alien child's parents and brought him home safe and sound.


An older Infant Terrible, now referred to as The Delinquent has recently appeared as one of the elite troops fighting for Annihilus and the Annihilation wave. As with the Galactus Herald Terrax and Paibok the Power Skrull, they are fighting against their will. In one of the many confrontations, Delinquent, now missing an antenna, is stabbed multiple times by Drax the Destroyer. He survives the confrontation.

Later, he is with Paibok and Terrax when Annihilus perishes, freeing them from the mind control. However, Delinquent now has the mind of a near baby and is pretty much useless in a battle against Randau the Space Parasite. He manages to craft a spaceship to save his and Paibok's life after Terrax, angered by recent events, leaves them. They intend to head to what remains of the Skrull empire.

Powers and abilities

  • Infant Terrible is quasi-omnipotent and can transform anything into anything he wants, which depends only of his mood.

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