İnce Memed tetralogy

İnce Memed tetralogy

The İnce Memed tetralogy is a series of four epic novels written by the Turkish novelist Yaşar Kemal. The novels follow the life and career of Memed, the only son of a poor widow who escapes from his village in the Anatolian highlands and transforms himself into a legendary, Robin Hood-like figure, championing the landless peasants of Anatolia in their struggle against their corrupt and greedy landowners.

İnce Memed (1955), the first novel in the tetralogy, was Kemal's first published novel. Subsequent volumes of the İnce Memed saga were published in 1969, 1984 and 1987.

The tetralogy

  • İnce Memed (1955); English translation: Memed, My Hawk (1961)
  • İnce Memed II (1969); They Burn the Thistles (1972)
  • İnce Memed III (1984)
  • İnce Memed IV (1987)
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