ImpressCMS is a free, open source , community-developed content management system for building and maintaining dynamic web sites, written in the PHP programming language and using a MySQL database.


The ImpressCMS Project was formed in late 2007 as a result of a division in the XOOPS community. Many of the developers for ImpressCMS were veteran developers, designers and users with extensive experience with XOOPS and sought to establish a new community built CMS with a philosophy of openness, community contributions and continual improvements in code and features. The core platform of ImpressCMS was inherited from XOOPS, but was quickly transformed into a product distinct from its parent, yet maintaining compatibility with modules and themes originally designed for XOOPS. This compatibility allows users a choice of platforms and provides them a migration path to ImpressCMS.

The product is released under the GNU General Public License Version 2 and is available for download from the ImpressCMS website Support is offered by the community and is open to all users of ImpressCMS


-- ImpressCMS 1.0 --

Web Server - Apache, IIS, or similar web server
Language - PHP version 4.3, or higher (PHP 4.2.x may work but is not officially supported)
Database - MySQL version 3.23, or higher

-- ImpressCMS 1.1 --

Web Server - Apache, IIS, or similar web server
Language - PHP version 5.2, or higher (PHP 5.1.x may work but is not officially supported)
Database - MySQL version 4.1, or higher
PHP requirements - 16mb minimum memory allocation for PHP, UTF-8 & IconV support (recommended)


ImpressCMS uses an open architecture, allowing webmasters to add modules into the core CMS for additional functionality. Modules exist that have been developed by an international community of developers, designers and fans and are able to handle most every task associated with the managing of web content and an online community.

Basic Features of ImpressCMS:

  • Database driven
  • Granular permissions for users and groups
  • Complete user profiles and private messaging
  • Customizable themes and templates
  • Integrated comment system, with moderation options
  • Integrated management for banner advertising
  • Site-wide search function
  • Multibyte language support - distributions are available in Brazilian Portuguese, Croatian, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Persian, Russian, Spanish

New Features Added in Version 1.0
These new features were introduced in the first version of ImpressCMS and were not part of a standard XOOPS installation.

  • Native multilingual support allows tagging of content in various languages and users can select an appropriate language for themselves
  • Completely redesigned administration interface, making it more intuitive to manage
  • Ability to create custom block positions for the user side, allowing greater flexibility of design and layout
  • Easy cloning of any existing block with a single click
  • Completely redesigned installation wizard making it easier and more intuitive for new user to install and configure ImpressCMS; also, inline help has been added to the wizard to help the user on every step of the installation
  • Many security improvements, the most important being the introduction of the Trust Path concept, placing sensitive data outside the web root. This is automatically created for you by the installation wizard
  • Automatic version checker to inform the webmaster a new version is available
  • Addition of a privacy policy feature customizable by the webmaster
  • Users can select a custom theme and save it in their preferences
  • Introductory welcome content provided for the new users as part of the installation
  • Introduction of HTTP error handling page using .htaccess file
  • Users can select to have their login remembered on their computer; administrators can enable/disable this feature


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