Imperial Mounted Division

Anzac Mounted Division

The ANZAC Mounted Division was a mounted infantry (light horse) division formed in March 1916 in Egypt during World War I following the Battle of Gallipoli when the Australian and New Zealand mounted regiments returned from fighting as infantry. For the remainder of the war it served in the Middle East, in the Sinai, Palestine and Syria.

The title ANZAC indicated its composite Australian and New Zealand nature and as such was possibly the first official use of this term for this purpose, rather than as a designation for an army corps.

Unit history


The division contained three or four mounted brigades. At its core were the following three brigades:

1st Light Horse Brigade

2nd Light Horse Brigade

  • 5th Light Horse Regiment (Queensland)
  • 6th Light Horse Regiment (New South Wales)
  • 7th Light Horse Regiment (New South Wales)

New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade

Light Horse Field Ambulance

During the Sinai campaign, the 3rd Light Horse Brigade was also part of the division before moving to the Imperial Mounted Division (which was subsequently retitled the Australian Mounted Division). During 1917 the British 22nd Mounted (Yeomanry) Brigade was attached to the division.






1916-17: Maj. Gen. H. G. Chauvel
1917-19: Maj. Gen. E.W.C. Chaytor

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