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Ill.Skillz is a drum and bass group formed in Vienna, Austria in 2001. The group is comprised of David "D.Kay" Kulenkampff and Philipp "Raw.Full" Roskott who met in 1999 while they were both involved in event promotion with the! crew.



Catalogue Title Year
TD007 Fusion Dance EP 2002
DSCI4010 The Remix EP 2003


Catalogue Title Year
CRIT008 Forgive Myself (Remix) / Forgive Myself 2003
ILL001 Bowser / Soulshaker 2003
ILL002 Fusion Dance (Remix) / Move It 2004
ILL003 Watch Me Now (With Concord Dawn) 2004
ILL004 Soulshaker (Remix) 2004
ILL005 The Beat 2005
METH065 When Worlds Collide / Clownz 2005
ILL006 Colours Of Noize (With Calyx) / Guru 2006
ILL007 Can't Touch This 2006
ILL008 Watch Me Now (With Concord Dawn) (Remix) / The Great Escape 2007


Catalogue Artist Title Year
TD004 Tomkin E-Sparks (Ill.Skillz Remix) 2001
MV005 Imagination D The War Is Over (Ill.Skillz Remix) 2003
BRK001 K.D.S. (Feat. Robbie Craig) The Experience (Ill.Skillz Remix) 2004
PROOF24X Dumonde Human (Ill.Skillz Remix) 2004
FREAK005 Concord Dawn Bad Bones (Ill.Skillz Remix) 2004
HOSTILE003 Sunchase (Feat. Yana Kay) Remember Me (Ill.Skillz Remix) 2004
ILL003 D.Kay & Epsilon Platinum (Ill.Skillz Remix) 2004
SANTW300 D.Kay & Epsilon (feat. MC Verse) Honey (Ill.Skillz Remix) 2004
ILL004 Black Sun Empire B Negative (Ill.Skillz Remix) 2005
VRS015 Ed Rush & Optical Sick Note (Ill.Skillz Remix) 2005
PRCSN28 Makai Beneath The Mask (Ill.Skillz Remix) 2007

Featured on

Catalogue Title Mixed by Year
RUN33747 At Close Range AK1200 2003
BSECD001 Driving Insane Black Sun Empire 2004
05161-2 Inside Aut: The Austrian Drum & Bass League Huda 2004
HUMA8008-2 The Dungeonmaster's Guide Dieselboy 2004
RHLP05 Skool Of Hard Knocks Bad Company UK 2004
METH05CD MDZ.05 Goldie 2005
ASHADOW952CD Moving Shadow 05.2 Calyx 2005
WSMCD218 Drum & Bass Essentials DJ Hype 2005

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